This Is Why UV Henna Art Is Going To Be The Next Big Festival Trend

by admin

This Is Why UV Henna Art Is Going To Be The Next Big Festival Trend

Instagram has found a way to up the henna game, and the glowing results are seriously stunning.

As if we weren't head-over-heels in love with henna already — with many of the designs leaving us hoping to get tatted up ASAP — it's no surprise that the new UV henna trend is leaving us counting down the days until festival season picks back up.

Of course, these amazingly intricate designs are not technically henna. Traditional henna is a reddish brown color that stains the skin and is used to celebrate special occasions, such as weddings and rites of passage in other parts of the world. The intricate designs were not only used on humans but on animals and homes as well, and have often been regarded as bringing joy, luck and many blessings.

These pieces of UV "henna" art, however, are made by using temporary, non-waterproof body paint that glows under a black light, making it the perfect kind of body art for a festival, party, or even just a night out.

The paint is available from artists like zareenshenna on Instagram, and she makes it clear that these colors can be applied just like a traditional henna. Using body paint cones to create those traditional intricate designs, or even straying from the intricacies to rock just about anything you'd like, makes this one of the easiest ways to try a fun, new look without overcommitting. And if the paint just isn't enough, artists like natybynature prove that a little glitter thrown on top make these designs a party you'll want to rock all summer long.

With almost any color and design at artists' fingertips, it's clear that this trend is bound to be our new favorite festival accessory. Scroll through a few of our favorite designs below to get some serious inspiration, and pick up your own paint from zareenshenna to get started creating your own beautiful designs.