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Being Happy: Three Things You Need To Know

When people ask me how they can start to be happy at their workplace—especially these days—I tell them the answer is more than just one thing. You will need a holistic approach to your life and career before you can stop feeling like you’re flying in a wrecked plane in turbulent air. In fact, there are three things you need to know about being happy while you work. (My dad was an aircraft mechanic passionate about his trade. I grew up among planes and traveling so I love planes analogies.)

Most of the time when you do some air travel, the air is placid. There can be some bumps but mainly, you can put on automatic pilot, relax, and enjoy. If you’re new to your career or business, you’re going to be more enthusiastic and curious. Like a new pilot, you’ll put the automatic pilot but still check from time to time if everything is going ok and you will spend that time learning more about what you do.

When you’re a more experienced pilot, you know you can leave everything running and that if something really serious happens, an alarm will sound. You’re a lot less enthusiastic—in fact, you take everything for granted: your clients, your job, the money you make.

However, sometimes the air gets turbulent, even very turbulent. These are the times we’re living now. It is in days like the ones we’re living today that people get scared, no matter their expertise. Fortunately for air travel, both new and expert pilots know that they can’t let the automatic pilot run the plane and they must take charge of what goes on during the storm.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen with corporate employees and business owners. They forget that turbulent times are part of the economy cycles and that they must be ready. That takes planning from different angles.

The first thing scared people do is to forget about themselves.
They’re so caught up in the fear that they let their physical self go away. Not only do they quit working out or getting their hair color done—saving for a rainy day—but they also change eating habits and their health suffers. What they save on gym fees and haircolor costs will go to medicines and doctor’s bills. For example, if you eat “healthy,” but in a hurry,  it will compromise your health by adding a lot of stress (think about rushing your digestion). The remedy for this is to get extreme self-care for yourself, even when you feel you should be looking after your pennies.

The second thing is your mindset.
Have you forgotten why you do what you do? What was the purpose why you got where you are? Was it just the money? If it was, what you wanted the money for? The purpose of your actions will dictate your decisions. If you need to change careers, if you need to let your business go or change its focus, knowing where you are going in your life will make it easier for you. After that, what your attitude towards your life and all what it contains, namely your job or business. If you really can’t stand what you do for a living, why are you still there? Yet if there is a purpose, change your attitude and go to the next point.

The third thing is a strategy.
If you’re not happy while you’re making money, something that is a part of your life—a life that YOU created and chose for yourself—there’s something that’s not working. When that’s the case, you just change it. How? You get a Plan B. It doesn’t mean you have to blow away with dynamite everything you’ve done—but a plan (a strategy) will help you see what options you have right now around you. It’s not that difficult after you’ve a) taken care of yourself and b) know your purpose and changed your attitude.

Not that difficult being happy while you work, even in turbulent times. Just get it going. Right now pause. Take five minutes off and think: why am I not happy right now? What would I do if I had more joy that I could bear?

Happiness is an inside job. Start now.