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Best Decorating Advice Ever

I have heard a lot of decorating tips over the years. I love the kind of advice that saves you money, makes your home look pretty and is really easy to follow. Helpful and practical advice that normal everyday people can actually use! 

A lot of people now realize that your home doesn’t have to be perfect, you can create a home you love and you don’t have to follow the rules. I agree, that is very true! But how do you achieve the look you want? It doesn’t always just happen! That is where having some great decorating advice and basic guidelines can really help get you started. 

With the right know-how, you can avoid spending too much money, wasting too much time wondering what went wrong, and spend more time loving living your home.

Here are just a few favorite pieces of advice that have worked for me … 

“Every room could use a touch of black.”

“Avoid hanging pictures too high, keep them at eye level (unless you are going to cover a large expanse of wall top to bottom).”

“Start with one inspiration piece (maybe a rug or a pillow) and build your room and color scheme around it.”

“Choose your paint color last to complement everything else in the room.”

“It doesn’t have to MATCH, it just has to ‘go’ …”

“Add a touch of whimsy and the unexpected.”

“Pull the furniture out from all the walls.”

“Mix things up.”

What is your favorite decorating advice?

Originally published on The Inspired Room