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The Best Nail Treatments Are Made At Home

Beautiful nails are every woman's delight. But they don't have to be something you only dream of having! With a little time and patience, and help from any of these nail treatments I have listed here, you can have gorgeous nails that are strong and healthy.

Before you start:
Thoroughly cleanse your hands, using a nail brush for nails, before using any of these treatments.

After you're finished:
If you're applying the treatment at bedtime, let it absorb in overnight. Otherwise, rinse your hands under warm water to remove any of the oils and other ingredients in these treatments from your hands. Pat dry with a soft, clean towel. Apply a good hand lotion, working it well into your cuticles and your nails.

Almond Rose Oil

1/4 cup almond oil

2 tsp. apricot kernel oil

5 drops geranium essential oil

2 drops rose essential oil

Preparation and Application:

Blend together the oils and store in a dark colored, glass bottle, that has a tight-fitting lid. To use, massage the oil into the cuticle, every day at bedtime, to encourage healthy nail growth.

Coconut Honey Nail Growth Soak


1/4 cup organic honey

1/4 cup organic coconut oil

4 drops essential oil of rosemary

Preparation and Application:

Mix ingredients in a small bowl. Place in microwave to warm for twenty seconds. Soak hands for fifteen minutes. Repeat two to four times a week.

Fresh Mint and Lavender Nail Massage Oil


1 drop peppermint oil

1 drop myrrh essential oil

2 drops lavender oil essential oil

1 1/2 tablespoon sweet almond oil, as a carrier (or base)

Preparation and Application:
Begin with the sweet almond oil, and then mix in the other ingredients, one at a time. Massage into cuticles and onto nails once a day, at bedtime.

Lemon-Lavender Oil

20 drops lavender essential oil

10 drops lemon essential oil

2 tablespoons sweet almond oil

Preparation and Application:

Add the essential oils into a bottle. Next, add the almond oil. Tighten the top and shake the bottle vigorously for one full minute to blend. To use, massage oils into the nail bed every day, leave on for at least one hour, then wash your hands with a mild soap. Alternately, you can massage the oil into your cuticles at night before going to bed. After a few weeks of using this treatment religiously, you'll to see stronger nails that are less prone to splitting and chipping.

Citrus Nail Soak

Ingredients and Application:

100% pure orange juice
100% pure pineapple juice

Fill a glass bowl half with pineapple juice and half with orange juice, and soak your hands, with the nails completely submerged, for at least twenty minutes, then rinse. Orange juice contains vitamin C and Folic Acid which stimulate healthy nail growth. Pineapple juice contains the enzyme Bromelain which helps the vitamins absorb deeper into the hands and nail beds. Use this soak one to three times per week.

Biotin Nail Growth Soak


1/2 cup crushed tomatoes or pure tomato juice

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

Preparation and Application:

Mix ingredients in a small bowl. Soak the nails for at least fifteen minutes, then rinse. Tomatoes are an excellent source of biotin, which promotes healthy nail growth. The olive oil conditions and moisturizes dry nails and cuticles. Use this soak three to five times per week.

Enjoy your gorgeous nails!