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The Best (or Worst) of Two Worlds

I have always said that there are countless blessings of being a work-at-home mom, but I have come to count numerous evils as well. Working at home usually means that there are no fixed hours for work, nor is there a confined workspace. This means that when it is five o’clock, you can’t just shut your office door and leave all work-related issues behind. The consequence being that the line between business and private is inevitably blurred.

Worse still, if your business partner happens to be your partner in love—as is the case with me—the two worlds merge in an utterly stressful way. Of course, it is stressful enough when a discontented client leads to an angry partner, but when it also means a disgruntled husband, it gets totally nerve wracking. Inversely, a burnt dinner means you’re stuck with an uncooperative business partner.

Another thing, when people have two different spheres for work and private life, one world acts as a vent for the other. For instance, during office hours, you brag with your sympathetic coworker about how mad your husband made you yesterday. And at night, you complain to your husband about your mean boss. But when your not-so-empathetic coworker is the same husband driving you nuts and your mean boss all in one, you just swallow your tongue.

So, although being a work-at-home mom brings the best of the two worlds, that of the career woman and a stay-at-home mom, it also doubles their evils.