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The Big White Truck

One day I had to go across town to buy something I couldn’t find on my end of town. I bought the item (a four-foot ruler/leveler) and headed home. That day, conditions were clear and traffic was pretty sparse. All of a sudden, a large white truck ran a stop sign and shot out across the avenue— right in front of me! My heart sank. “I’m not gonna make it,” I thought. “I’m gonna crash right into that truck!” 

Through all my wild adventures with my little wonder car, though, I’d held fast to one belief: No matter what, a captain always stays with his ship! I gripped the wheel so hard I was almost hugging it, and slammed on the brakes as hard as I could, even though I didn’t believe for a moment that the situation was retrievable at all. Then the engine stalled out, locking the wheels and adding to the braking action … WHOMP! My car came to an abrupt halt inches away from the truck, which continued to sail merrily on its way as though its driver had taken no notice of me whatsoever. 

It was the closest I ever came to being obliterated— fortunately any sudden extreme deceleration will stall my car out, even with my foot on the clutch. My car could not impact because it could not continue.