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Blogging: The Reality TV of the Internet

Before you send hate emails and bully-Tweets, let me clarify: I am not casting comparisons. My esteemed fellow mom bloggers are in no way grouped into the same train-wreckage as the morons who frequent E! and MTV. I highly doubt I’d ever catch a mom beating the crap out of her drunken housemate while making out with strangers on the Jersey Shore. And I certainly can’t imagine any of the moms I’ve met pimping their daughters like the Kardashian nightmares. But (stay with me) there are some freakish similarities.

First, let me state that I started blogging to find a creative outlet. I work through everything on paper (er, keyboard), and having the blog forum is cathartic. Also, I thought it would be fun to network with a few mom blog group and sites, meet some other women and writers and see what happened. For the most part, I’ve actually had a really good time in the world of blogging. Not only have I met some fabulous women, moms, dads and writers, I’ve also made a few friends. I mean actual friends—the kind where Twitter isn’t the extent of your relationship.

But then, there’s the weirder, more competitive side of blogging. The side which makes it seem like a virtual red carpet is beckoning, with Meta tags and HTML codes screaming from the sidelines to be featured on our blogs. Affiliate marketing hubs are promising the land of milk and honey. The popular mom networks and blogs (you know, the ones that make Oprah) are always an arm’s length away, sparkling like the promised land of virtual celebrity. If we could just get them to mention our blogs, it would be like getting a major movie star to appear on the latest reality show...our ratings and followers would skyrocket! We’d be famous! A blog icon of our time … blog-celebrity. Blog-famous. Blog … fabulous. Our managers (also known as our subconscious) sit in the background, constantly flogging us to “Post!” “Blog!” and “Be this week’s featured blogger!” When I visit a popular blog, sometimes there are already so many comments I feel like I’m trying to push through a heavy crowd stargazing on Hollywood Boulevard.

And, much like living in the limelight, there is the knowledge that “out of sight, out of mind”, not only applies to blogging, but pummels us with more force than the idiot publicists behind Levi Johnston. Will the demands associated with blogging and social networking put family time on the backburner? Will our fifteen minutes expire, leaving our little blogs ignored in cyber space?

Maybe. We could end up like Britney Spears, leaving our kids to run wild and swig coke from baby bottles, to keep up with the demands of constant networking. But that’s where many of us differ: We refuse. Famereality and it’s casualties can wait—our families need us. Still, there are days where I feel like I’m auditioning for the latest “Real World” installment …