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Bloodbath Decorating

I’m a sucker for Halloween, but why limit it to one day each year? The bathroom is the perfect place to share some of the gore, freak out some friends, and spice up the morning routine.

The Blood Bath Mat is a welcome accent to any shower.

A wonderfully subtle shower curtain with just a touch of red accent. Spring collection 2009.

If you enjoy a large bathroom, why not add some color with this Blood Concept Table?

What better way to surround an open wound? Crime scene bandages.

Perfect for smooth surfaces, add a touch of color to your otherwise plain fixtures with these press-ons.

Although not exactly a bath accessory, the “Evidence Knife ” adds a thought-provoking design to its blade. Perfect for slicing birthday cake.

If you ’d like to take the shower curtain one step beyond psycho, this serial killer version adds just the right amount of fear to a peaceful bathroom.

Who says goths take everything so seriously? Liven the tub up with the Goth Ducky.

Not quite as gory as some of the other products, the “Help Drain Stopper ” adds a just the right amount of WTF to your sink.

Another variation on the Psycho shower curtain, this time with a lovely opaque crimson.

House guests will appreciate the playfulness of these toilet monsters.