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The Breakup Notebook

A few weeks ago, my employer and I broke up. We parted friends, but I’ll admit it—I took a sucker punch to my pride. In the days that followed, my friend Brooke Green marveled at my process for dealing with the circumstances.

The conversation sparked a topic for Brooke’s podcast (The Ultimate Sales Chick), so I joined her on a recording. We talked about my process, in particular, how I used a Break-up Notebook to flush my head trash.

My process for anything involves writing, so the notebook is merely a means to an end. The power comes from the introspection. By moving it out of your head and onto paper, you diffuse the negative stuff and give rise to why you’re stellar at what you do.

Ten Things to Write in Your Break-up Notebook

  1. What I Won’t Miss
  2. What I Hated
  3. The Challenges (Objective Version)
  4. Defining Moments (aka the Forks in the Road)
  5. Stellar Performances
  6. Then and Now (aka Life Before and After Me)
  7. A Timeline of Events
  8. What I Didn’t Get To
  9. What I’ll Miss the Most
  10. Five Lessons