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A Brief Description of Jobs in Entertainment and Media

The entertainment industry encompasses wide variety of career opportunities and covers numerous profitable business channels. From billion-dollar corporate production houses to small movie houses, there are literally thousands of organizations to offer you jobs in entertainment. With people willing to spend more money on leisure and entertainment, the search for creative people is on. The industry looks for highly motivated, energetic, and imaginative people to invent new ways to entertain people and make billions of dollars out of it. From this point of view, jobs in entertainment are quite challenging.

Media and entertainment industry can be divided in two broad categories, namely creative and business.
The creative content is the core of entertainment industry. This field can further be subdivided in four major grounds as motion pictures, television, music, and publishing.
Creative Side
The creative side on motion pictures is film studios where movies are actually shot, edited, and made. During the entire development stage producers, screenwriters, technicians, and studio executives play the key role. Among hundreds of scripts received from different sources, only one gets the green light for production.

Pre-Production: In the pre-production stage location, scouting, casting, and hiring actors and musicians and other crew, for instance take place.
Production: Once the camera starts rolling, production begins. The movie is brought into reality with cast and crew while the work of filming takes place in studios as well as various out-door locations.

Post-Production: The finishing touch is given in the editing studio, where professional and experienced film editors sit together with the director and sound artists to make up the movie, finally, and movie trailers are created. If needed, special effects artists also join the team at this stage and music, titles and credits are also added to the movie.
There is no denying that motion pictures make the largest section of the media and entertainment industry. Movies have immense influence on people and have emerged as the most prominent and popular medium of entertainment within the global cultural landscape. Motion pictures have additional quality of providing ancillary revenue streams through sales of home videos, TV rights, and worldwide distribution.
Business Side
Business is the part and parcel of movie production. It deals with mainly three prospects: the corporate houses conducting high-level business, the business units assigned specific operations, and standard business procedures. The profit earned from a movie depends on the relationship between the film studio and the movie theaters out there. Distribution of movies is a business that exploits the huge revenue opportunities known as ancillary revenue streams. With movies generating huge profits, movie studios have grown into diversified corporation with several business channels.

It is not difficult to find a job if you really want to break into the media and entertainment industry. Creative writers also have good prospects in jobs in journalism. Online job search can prove quite fruitful as it is all around us—entertainment jobs consultancies, resume writing consultancies, and career guide by the experts. Virtually there are thousands of ways you can carry on your research on the industry and finally choose a career path in creative or business field in the media and entertainment.