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Building a Business (Part 1)

My most difficult “do” to date is laying the new foundation for my business. How do I rebuild, make some money and keep my eye on the real prize—happiness? Especially on those mornings that I don’t want to get up and do it at all.

Step 1: Getting the message out in the universe.
I will be true to myself, I will rebuild my business with integrity. I will major in relationships and happiness (with a minor in money). Feel it, say it, write it, tell everyone with a pulse about it, that’s how I will get the message out there. And I will DO something, no matter how small everyday. More on exactly what later.

Step 2: Reconnecting with people that were fun to work with and share my passions (the rest of you, please don’t contact me).
This has been the most fun and most reaffirming. The reactions I have gotten have been overwhelmingly (and I mean tears of joy kind) positive. Why did I lose touch with them in the first place you ask? I have to think it was me, not them. I was the one who changed. I was the one who closed myself off to the positive relationships and joy. Remember that house of cards, no time to smell the roses or keep a good relationship going, when you keep slapping cards on the top trying to keep it upright.

Step 3: The universe is home.
Do you know that if you put good thoughts out there in the universe it can actually return your call? People heard me and are calling ME about work! Can you stand it! I put the energy out there and I actually had someone I haven’t spoken to in years call me about work. AND it gets better, she is not only a really good person and I always thought she was great, she’s going through the same Next 50 Keep/Toss I’m going through. A coincidence, I think not!

Step 4: Bringing new people into the fold.
I was wondering how it would work with reaching out to new people, so I branched out and started calling people I don’t know, but liked what I saw or knew about their companies. Lo and behold, if the company has great energy, so do the people who work for it. Go figure. I actually have people saying to me, “I like what you do,” “I like your ideas,” “we’ll see if we can get something going …”

… I do like what I’m hearing; this could really turn a woman’s head!