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Building a Business (Part 2)

I have been very proud of myself for doing something every day to build my business back up. I am trying to stay in the moment and focus on what I am DOING, and being less concerned with results, more concerned with the action—not a natural for me. I am sort of redefining immediate gratification for myself.

I used to think cold calls was the way you got new business, and it is a way, just not the only way. I really don’t like the whole cold call process; after all, don’t I spend my day dusting these very same people? In my personal life, I am working on building healthy, strong relationships; this is how I want to build my business, too. Can’t get enough of a good thing, right?

In the past four weeks, I have: met with friends in other industries and shared leads, I have gotten the word out and called or emailed everyone I know, friends, colleagues, my relatives—including my cousin in Hawaii (you never know), including the woman in the cheese section at the supermarket (everyone), joined LinkedIn, written about looking for work on my blog, mass emailed a special free offer to a group of manufacturers, cold called a variety of potential clients, met or conference called eleven of them, gotten to quote with three of them, hope of three others and currently working on little jobs with two of them, done some free creative, and working on establishing a networking association with parent’s from my son’s school. (Wait until the next four weeks; I’m just getting started.)

I am not limiting myself to what I have always done and how I have always done it. I am going to add value to the advertising campaigns, collateral work and promotional ideas with my new interests, you know the ones that have evolved with my new growth (pictured a puffed up chest here). I will help my clients build relationships with their clients through social networking: blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, networking groups, and discussion panels. I will keep my focus on relationships and grow with them.