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Building a Business (Part 3)

I have worked for myself for twenty-five years, and part of owning my own business (I thought) is saying yes to anything and everything. I have always found a way to make the impossible work, making my clients very happy (unfortunately, appreciation for the mountain I just moved for them doesn’t always go with their feeling of happiness), and shortening my lifespan.

I am in a situation right now where I have an opportunity to produce some work for a new client and I may not take it. WTF, what am I thinking?! Just writing it causes my stomach to flip, and not in a good way. This bizarre concept goes against every fiber of my being, but I think it may be the right thing to do. There’s that do again.

I have never learned to weigh my options, have patience, sit back, and let a situation unfold. In this instance, not take the first job that crosses my path, even though I need some income. Am I so desperate for approval that I must say yes even though it is a bad deal? Even in my anxiety ridden state I can see the deal stinks—and believe me saying no causes me great anxiety. Am I so short on self worth that I truly think nothing better will come along? Not anymore!

I don’t have to jump at the first thing every time. I deserve to see what else is out there. Each decision does not need to be life or death. I will live if I pass this up. I will find a better job, one that will not tie up all of my time and make me very little money. I am making room in my life for good things. If I force things into these spaces that are not good, aren’t I right back where I started?

Can someone follow me around and repeat that to me every hour on the hour until I get it through my apparently very thick skull. Take some time and think about it for a while, weigh your options; you could be doing it for a very long time.