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Buildings and Feng Shui: Then and Now

Recently, I had my very first Acupuncture experience and I can’t wait for another session! During my session my acupuncturist Emily Bartlett of (I highly recommend her by the way) she brought a very interesting question. She asked me if buildings change their Feng Shui energies over long periods of time.” I laid there pondering the question and it occurred to me how similar the energies of our human bodies are to buildings. I think buildings share the same dynamics as people, overtime our body structure and skin shows scars and wrinkles that we have travelled time. As a result, the way we see or accept things in life and our surroundings are altered with our experiences. Since every force has an equal opposite force by nature, then, I believe that a building’s dynamic does reinvent itself overtime. How one building used the philosophy of Feng Shui last year or twenty years ago would be different to how we utilize the Feng Shui philosophy on the same building today. For example: the materials of a building twenty years ago may have appeared brighter in paint color finish and the walls probably did not have the same imperfections or cracks it does today. When the character of a building changes or gets distorted and faded, it renovates its energy to another type of element. For instance, a building that once had a beautiful red brick façade years ago may have some green vines growing on them today. In this case the dynamic of the façade has converted from a Fire element (red brick) to a Wood element (green tall vines). The way we would re-activate this facade would depend on what area this falls under the Ba gua map; family, wealth, health, mentor/travel, children, knowledge, fame/reputation, career, or love/marriage.

Besides the dynamics of the building itself, its surrounding or environment over time also plays a role to its ever-changing Feng Shui elemental energies. Twenty years ago, a row of houses with similar height and character appeared balance and in harmony with each other. Overtime, developers and new owners remodel and add to their existing square feet or perimeter and suddenly there is a small house sandwiched and appears to be squeezed between two big tall mansions or commercial buildings. In this condition the dynamics of its surrounding buildings are affecting the Feng Shui energy of the humble small house that has remained the same over periods of time. Feng Shui philosophy used on this small house years ago would need a revisit in order to remain in rhythm with its new environment. 

I’m very glad that Emily brought this question up. I always felt a connection between the two worlds of Architecture and Feng Shui and after pondering this question I feel a lot more inclined to move forward with my goal to reunite both my philosophy in design and Feng Shui.