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Bumblebee Zen

Early this morning I watched a bee on a large leaf in the garden. There was a drop of water on the leaf and the bee was using it to wash herself.

She washed her back and carefully cleaned her face. Each antenna and each leg received apt attention. The little bee washes its face in the morning before going on to its daily work of gathering pollen and nectar from the flowers to feed her young and in return assuring the plants survival by fertilizing its fruit.

I suddenly realized what a wonderful life form this tiny bee is. How beautifully created and perfect in its form. If this tiny creature was found on Mars what a news story that would be!

On Earth we scarcely notice a little bee on a leaf washing its face. Our profusion of life on Earth can cause us to take it all for granted, but even the tiny bee is a marvel of existence.

We are all a part of cycle of life that is reflected in the form of that tiny bee. That little life form contains all the eons of evolution that in which we each have a part.

That little bee washing her face on a leaf in the garden holds the secret to it all.