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Buy a Car and Become a Race Driver

In the event that you decide to have a day job, fine by me. Is it fine by you?

What exactly does a day job refer to? Is it for one day, two days, perhaps even three days? Or is it for a lifetime of days?

Being as we have gotten this far, you may be wondering what is this writer talking about? I don’t know, but it’s fun.

I presently have a day, day, day, etc. job. Some days it’s OK, but mostly I can’t figure out what I am doing with a day job, except using it as a tool to get through the loss of my husband. It does help!

Tell me, is your day full of excitement, learning, opportunity, friendships, traveling, and of course, enjoyment? Well, if none of the above apply to your day job … get out … run for your life … be a bartender, a waitress, a hot-dog salesperson and think over and over, am I having fun and of course surviving.

Definitely, and probably doing something that doesn’t require to sit on your tush and grow and grow and grow, not only fat, but old, in itself is a bonus. Health is vital so you can be happy and able to make good decisions.

Make your opportunities now; enjoy something, even a day job of something that is e-n-j-o-y-a-b-l-e.

Best to you all and, by the way, me too.