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Buy This Now: Items That are Cheapest in the Summer

Summer’s all about swimming pools and sunshine … so why would you even think about buying a winter coat?
Because they’re incredibly cheap this time of year.
It’s true—certain items are more expensive at certain times of year, and less expensive than others. For example, if you buy a new car in October, you’ll probably end up paying far more for it than if you buy it close to Christmas, or the following September. Because of fluctuating demand, new models, and pressure from holidays, there are great deals to be had all year long, as long as you’re not tied to buying the latest, greatest version. If you’re not, summer’s here, and the time is right to buy these ten items.
Early Summer:
During wedding season, dishes and kitchen accessories are popular gifts. Luckily, cashiers don’t ask to see invitations to prove you’re not “gifting” yourself.
A Gym Membership
Many exercisers would rather be outdoors when the weather’s nice, and by June, the pressure from New Year’s Resolution-makers is long gone.  Gyms are sparsely attended, so it’s a great time of year to get a deal.
Inexplicably, new mattress models hit stores mid-summer, so it’s easy to bargain for a good price on last year’s model sometime around May. If you suspect that you’d never be able to tell this year’s mattress from last year’s, you’re not alone.
Have you ever resorted to giving your dad a new hammer for Father’s Day because the price was so good? In early June, tools tend to go on sale in anticipation of lots of people looking for alternatives to ties and golf accessories. This might feel counterintuitive—with demand high, shouldn’t the prices be, too? Not necessarily, because with so much competition for shoppers, stores try to out-do each other with sales.
Carpet and Paint
Venture into any hardware or home supply store, and you’ll see fanciful displays showing all the neat things you can buy for your garden, yard, deck, patio, and swimming pool. With all the focus on a home’s outdoor space, few people are interested in making improvements indoors. That means low demand, which usually translates to low prices.
Sports Apparel
With the exception of baseball, pro and college teams are on break for the season. Athletic apparel stores know that they can charge more money for items sold during games or wile a team is on a hot streak. If you’re a die-hard fan of one particular team, stock up on hats, t-shirts, jackets, and other items between seasons.
Bathing Suits
This one feels counterintuitive as well. The fashion industry debuts new seasonal merchandise far before it’s wearable—bathing suits hit stores starting in February—by July, stores are trying to unload swimwear so that they can start making way for fall apparel soon. Sure, the selection isn’t as great now as it was around Spring Break time, but if you’re not picky, now’s a great time to find a cheap suit.
Did you know that furniture has seasons? It’s true. New collections are usually released twice per year, in February and August. July, before the new collections come in, is a great time to get a discount on the previous collection.
Late Summer
Grills and Grilling Accessories
This one comes with a catch: Outdoor cooking equipment doesn’t usually go on sale until after July 4th, when barbecuing demand peaks. If you can hold out until then, you can get a good price on grills, since retailers don’t want to be stuck with them much longer.
Outdoor Equipment
If it’s big, bulky, and only used in the summer, chances are good that it’ll be going on sale some time around late July. That’s the time to score camping equipment, swingsets, kiddie pools, trampolines, lawnmowers, and anything else lawn- and garden-related.