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A Buyer’s Guide to Plasma Televisions

Televisions have changed. For years, we had to contend with the cathode ray tube but now we have a variety of choices each with their own features and benefits. One example is the plasma television.

There are many advantages of having a plasma television. For one, it gives you exceptional color as it can display up to 16.77 million colors which is more than the human eye can even register.

Color is useless without high resolution, which is why there are models that give you 720p or 1080i. What you have to keep in mind with the two resolutions is that some not all of these units are HD capable. You may find some that are EDTV or enhanced definition televisions.

Plasma televisions are very lightweight thanks to the thin and flat-panel design, which is often an inch thick. Because it is sleek, this can be mounted on the wall or on a table in any room in your home.

There was a time that plasma TVs were expensive which is normal when this was first launched into the market. With the competition among the different brands, the prices have dropped so you can buy one that is within your price range.

Plasma televisions also have a built in doubler, which enables you to double the resolution of conventional TV signals thus improving image quality. Such a feature is perfect when you are not watching a HDTV or DVD source.

Most plasma televisions have a dramatic widescreen 16:9 ratio display. This means you can watch shows in their native size and at the same time watch movies in the format in which they were produced.

Apart from widescreen format, you also get a wide viewing angle with a plasma television. This means you get the same viewing experience even if you sit on the side when there are a lot of you watching the same show.

Ever experienced any problems with the picture or the sound coming from your television? Chances are you have and with a plasma television, this will never happen because it has uniform screen brightness and have what is known as magnetic field immunity.

One interesting feature about the plasma television is that it can also receive VGA and SVGA signals from computers. This means you can even use the TV as a computer monitor.
The only drawback to the plasma television is that it consumes a lot of electricity. If used often, it is only good for 30,000 hours, which is about nine years and after that, this has to be replaced with a new one.

The plasma television is available in fifty-inch screens which is much bigger than what any branded LCD TVs has to offer.

Should you get it? If it is within your means, go for it because it is truly one of the newest appliances that you can add to your home.

Is it practical? Not really but if you want to see clear images, it is worth considering if you are in the marking for a new tube.

So head on over to your nearest appliance store to see what brands of plasma televisions there are available. Compare the prices and the features so that you can make the best decision.