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This Cake Is for You, Dad

I have lupus and in the middle of a flare. Father’s Day couldn’t have come at a worse time. My husband was working Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.—which meant no grilled steaks or time together with our family. I was so tired but managed to get to Michael’s Crafts and get a star baking pan, some tips, and golf figures, since my husband is a golf nut. We planned on covering the cake with green icing, except for a blue lake and sand trap. We’d write “#1 Golfer” in the middle. We’d make the cake on Saturday and decorate it on Sunday.

Once the cake finished baking, I put it on an aluminum foil square, covered it with more aluminum foil, and left it on the counter. This was my first mistake. We have a lovable basset hound named Chloe, who is a wonderfully trained dog, except for her insatiable need for people food. We’ve lost whole loaves of bread, hamburger buns, even a coffee cake. She’s short to the ground but long, and when she stands on her hind legs, she can get to anything on the counters, including a lovingly made Father’s Day cake.

My son was the one who found it, just before my husband got home from work. Of course, my son left the cake on the floor—obviously it was evidence but not evidence of his ill-doings, like trashing the family room or the kitchen. I sadly picked up the cake and threw it in the trash, as Chloe acted as a Hoover and cleaned up the crumbs. I thought I’d go to the local supermarket, but I knew it wouldn’t be as good as home made. Then, I had a thought: I still had one yellow cake mix in the pantry so I grabbed it, mixed it up and put it in a 13-inch by 9-inch baking pan. Once it was cooled, I started mixing the colors of icing and it turned out to be a pretty good golf course, complete with water hazard and sand trap. Tim asked how I got green icing. I explained I had to buy tubes of color gel and mix it in with the white icing. The only disappointment was that the scalloped edges didn’t work out; the icing was too warm at that point and it turned into a long, solid blue line around the cake. But once the golf pieces were added, it looked pretty good.

We all had leftover pasta salad and French bread baguettes, plus the cake. It wasn’t the best dinner I’ve ever made for my husband. After all, I won over my husband with a delicious pasta dish and salad and a bottle of white zinfandel. It was the beginning of a great relationship, and now we have our son, a dog and two cats, and a house to care for! And my lupus isn’t helping one bit. It’ll have to get better, but it will get worse before then. It’s a matter of time.