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Can You Afford to Keep Your Money Going Up in Smoke?

People traditionally cut back in a recession. Rich or poor, it’s what you do ensure you and your family can weather the storm. If you’re a smoker, the thought of giving up would have entered your head over the years. During an economic downturn, you, the smoker, will feel the effects more than most. Think about it.... Unlike food or fuel, cigarettes are unlikely to go down in price. They will more than likely to increase in price! On top of that, you will consciously or unconsciously be smoking more as the financial pressure and the pressure of an increased workload and the threat of job cuts take hold.

I don’t need to patronize you by reminding you that giving up cigarettes is the best thing you can do for your future health and for your wallet. But in case you are feeling irritated by this article, before you turn away, really think about this: a recession has never been a better time to give up. There is never a good time to give up smoking. Therefore, there is never a bad time to give up. What I mean is, you have the ability to stop smoking at any time and during any chapter of your life, whether life is rosy or whether life has dealt you a run of bad luck or sadness.

During a recession, you are more conscious of money (or lack of it) and your financial habits. Give up smoking and you will feel the benefits immediately. In the first hour of giving up, you will be better off. Don’t believe me? Try it! Have a glass jar at the ready (the bigger the better). Break down the cost of a packet of cigarettes in a twenty-four- hour period and on the hour every waking hour, put the equivalent cash into the jar and watch your savings grow. When you wake the next day, work out how much you saved for every hour you were asleep and put that money in the jar. Ritually do this every day. Not only will you be financially better off, adopting this behavior will give you the incentive to remain smoke-free.

If you are a savvy quitter, when your glass jar is full, you will deposit the money into a bank account where you can continue to save it. Then carry on with the jar till it is full once again. Only spend the money that’s in the bank on something you really need or on a worthwhile goal you’ve been working towards. Remember, this is money that would otherwise literally have gone up in smoke.