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Capture Your Own Personal Power

Goals, aspirations, and dreams: all of us have them. Yet, so many of us fail to follow through on what our heart and souls desire most. Why is it that such a small percentage of the population seems to obtain the “golden nugget” and the rest pine after it?

There is a wonderful exercise I borrowed from Jack Canfield and use in my seminar teachings. I hold up at the front of the room a one hundred dollar bill and ask plainly, “Who wants this?” All of the hands in the room go up in the air, waving frantically.

I continue to stand there, with the bill in the air ... not saying a word.

After about ten to twenty seconds, one or two people will rush up to the front of the room trying to beat each other and snatch the bill from my hands. The winner smiles proudly as they go back to their seat. I then ask the crowd, “What did this person do differently from the rest of you?”

The unanimous answer is, “He/she took action.”

I then continue by asking people if they thought about getting out of their seats but stopped themselves.

Almost all of the hands go up.

I ask them all to shout out reasons they stopped themselves. Some people didn’t want to look needy; others had farther to go because they were in the back of the room; some didn’t want to get laughed at if they tried and it wasn’t the purpose of my question; some didn’t know if I would give the money to them; and the rest were waiting for further instruction. The truth of the matter is that they all had the ability to get up and take action just as much as the prizewinner did. The difference is, they put a limitation on themselves that the winner did not.

Now, the really interesting part is whatever excuse was given in their heads to stop them for getting their “golden nugget” is usually the same limitation used to stop them in all other areas in their life. As Jack Canfield says (and I strongly agree), “How you do anything in life is how you do everything in life.”

Still not quite sure on what’s holding you back? Quickly run to your nearest bathroom and look into the mirror; whatever stares back at you is your biggest obstacle. OUCH!

Fear within ourselves is the reason that most of us stay where we are. We’re so consumed by the excuses and judgments we create in our heads that we literally stop ourselves from reaching our dreams and desires. That’s insanity!

The fact of the matter is that the things we fear are usually the things we most need to embrace. They will become a crucial part in our personal development and growth as a businessperson, spouse, partner, friend, and human being. As we grow, that initial fear we had with change will relax and we will become comfortable again ... until our next “growth spurt.”

As we move out of our own way, we become who we were really meant to be and can finally shine. That’s when you’ll discover your hidden potential; when you will see new possibilities; when you will embrace opportunities and finally feel and capture your own personal power.

Here is to your new beginnings.