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Career Confused

I know plenty of people who just knew what they were supposed to do with their lives.

My sister, for example, she had kids following her around from Mom’s daycare when she was six. She could organize them, get them interested in a topic, and keep them happily amused for hours. She’s now a primary school teacher. Or take one of my close friends, she chose her career and stuck to it, she’s now a public health nurse taking care of mothers who just had babies.

And then there is me. I have had four different careers in the eleven years that I’ve been working. I don’t mean switching jobs. I’ve worked as a graphic designer, a daycare owner, an online jewelry store retailer and a primary school teacher. Taking on such huge changes seems to be a no no for your career, once you find what “you’re good at” you should stick to it until you’re a master. That’s the problem with me. Jack of all trades, master of none, so this is what happens to an all round student after school ... but what I’ve found over the years is that I am not alone. 

More and more people I have talked to are in the process of changing their careers. There are more books on switching your career or what you really want. Many people say follow your bliss, but what if you don’t have one bliss? What if you have three or four?

I love to paint, draw and photograph things and I really like to write. The internet is fascinating to me, and I love to help people. I taught basic Hindi and music. I need either one career that will encompass all of these, or just accept the fact that I don’t need to have one career. I can do all of these things, pursue all of these interests and make money from them. For now I’m a substitute teacher, I’m painting three oil paintings and I’m selling jewelry on the internet. Two out of these three make money for me, one of them doesn’t at the moment, but who knows? It might take off.

Are you like me? Do you:
  • Love a challenge, especially one that is slightly out of your comfort zone?
  • Have lots of projects on the go?
  • Get excited when you try new things?
  • Can turn on a dime, think on your feet and solve problems decisively?
  • Pursue many interests and are good at them?
  • Get a bit bored after being in a job more than three years?
  • Can come into a completely new environment and run with it?
  • Have self discipline and can work from home?

If you are then you are a multi-careerist like me. And it’s okay, you are not alone.