10 Celebrities You Didn’t Expect to See in Playboy Magazine

by Jennifer Lafferty

10 Celebrities You Didn’t Expect to See in Playboy Magazine

Some celebrities are famous for their Playboy photo spreads, but others kept it on the DL. In fact, a wide range of surprising celebrities have posed for Playboy, either before they became famous or after. Here are 10 Playboy celebrities you may not have expected to see in the magazine.

Whether they have a wholesome public image, an award-winning career, or just seem to be past their Playboy prime, some celebrities are a surprise to see in the pages of Playboy magazine. These are the 10 that blew us away.





Vanna White Playboy Cover

1. Vanna White

Of all the celebrities who have been in Playboy, the wholesome Vanna White is one of the most shocking. The Wheel of Fortune co-host regrets the lingerie pictures, saying she took them for rent money when she first moved to Hollywood. White claims that when Hefner eventually bought the photos, she asked not to be on the cover. But, in May of 1987, White appeared front and center under the Playboy logo, causing a rift between her and Hefner.




Charlize Theron Playboy Cover

2. Charlize Theron

Obviously, actress Charlize Theron is famous for more than her beauty and sex appeal. She has starred in a number of acclaimed films, even winning an Oscar for Monster, which is why it’s a little surprising to learn that she appeared nude in the May 1999 issue, just as the 23-year-old actress was transitioning to serious roles. Theron claims, however, she never intended for the pictures to be published.





Jessica Alba Playboy Cover

3. Jessica Alba

Actress Jessica Alba became an unwitting Playboy model as well when her bikini-clad image was featured on the March 2006 cover without her permission. Hugh Hefner personally apologized for the incident and offered to donate money to her favorite charities. The following month Alba said she forgave the publication.





Shannen Doherty Playboy Cover

4. Shannen Doherty

Despite her bad-girl image, it’s surprising to find out that former Beverly Hills 90210 star Shannen Doherty was on the cover of Playboy, not once, but twice. She first appeared at the peak of her career in March 1994 and returned to the magazine in December 2003, during a significantly less successful phase.





Karina Smirnoff Playboy Cover

5. Karina Smirnoff

Considering some of the revealing costumes Karina Smirnoff wore on Dancing with the Stars, she was probably accustomed to showing off her body by the time she posed for Playboy. But it still came as a shock to fans when the professional dancer landed on the May 2011 cover and appeared nude inside.





Joan Collins Playboy Cover

6. Joan Collins

The most surprising thing about Joan Collins’s December 1983 Playboy appearance was her age—50 at the time. The Dynasty star, who still looks beautiful at 82, helped pave the way for the sexy older women in TV and film.





Elle Macpherson Playboy Cover

7. Elle Macpherson

Okay, so Elle Macpherson is famous for appearing on a record number—five— of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues, but we were still surprised to learn that the supermodel appeared on the May 1994 issue of Playboy. Dressed in nothing but pantyhose—a tribute to a classic photo of ’60s sex symbol Brigitte Bardot—it’s obvious why Macpherson was nicknamed “The Body.”





Kim Kardashian Playboy Cover

8. Kim Kardashian

It wasn’t too surprising when Kim Kardashian stripped down for the December 2007 issue of Playboy, but, with all the other outrageous things in her life, we had totally forgotten! Unlike some celebs, Kardashian, who appeared nearly a decade ago, takes pride in her photos for the publication. She even posted pictures from the shoot on her website and app last year, commenting “Awww, I look like a baby. LOL!





Cindy Crawford Playboy Cover

9. Cindy Crawford

Actress and supermodel Cindy Crawford was always a perfect combination of sex goddess and girl next door. It was her innocent persona and her wholesome background that made Crawford seem like an unlikely Playboy pinup, but she posed for three issues: July 1988, May 1996, and October 1998.





Steve Martin Playboy Cover

10. Steve Martin

It’s unusual for a man to appear on the cover of Playboy—unless, of course, he has the help of some sexy girls. Similar to Bruno Mars’s appearance in 2012, Steve Martin graced the January 1980 cover between two scantily clad models. Unlike Mars, however, who was fully dressed, Martin sported a Baby New Year ensemble, wearing a diaper, bolero jacket, and bow tie.

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