10 Fashion Week Fails from the NYFW Spring 2014 Runways

by Hilary Braaksma

10 Fashion Week Fails from the NYFW Spring 2014 Runways

New York Fashion Week is the most exciting time of the year for fashion. The spring 2014 runways were full of outfits worth obsessing over from some of the best designers in the industry. Alternatively, NYFW can be the most hilarious time of the year for fashion. Some of the craziest, creepiest designs work their way into even the best shows. Click through our slideshow for a round-up of some of this year’s Fashion Week fails.


Mathieu Mirano



Did Janis Ian from Mean Girls start her own fashion line? They may not ever be able to make “fetch” happen, but apparently boob cutouts have reached haute couture status.





Alert the media: Letting boxers hang over the top of your jeans is not fashionable. Apparently, it’s only fashionable if you let them hang out the bottom as well. Technically you’ll have to replace boxers with pajama pants, but nobody ever said clothes were supposed to make sense.


Thom Browne



Need we say more?



Nicholas K



A casual, ready-to-wear look for the mummy in your life. Seriously though, who can afford to buy their Halloween costume straight from the runway?





Is it a lily pad? Is it a praying mantis? Is it a caterpillar spinning a cocoon? No, it’s a dress. Disappointing, I know.


Titania Inglis


Titania Inglis


We told you about PETA protesting snakeskin at Fashion Week, and honestly we’re a little surprised that nobody is protesting this. An innocent woman is trapped in a fishing net, and nobody cares.


Zac Posen



I think Zac Posen took the idea of draping a little too far: as in, he used actual drapes. Please don’t wear this dress unless you can afford to dress up like a shower loofa as a practical joke.


Concept Korea



The only thing sadder than than the gigantic bird applique on this Beetlejuice suit is the look on the model’s face. Runway models aren’t known for their cheerful demeanor, but this woman looks particularly bitter. It’s almost like she knew she would end up on this list.


Academy of Art University



I can’t even be bothered to discuss the mullet haircut on this woman, so I’m just going to dive right into the dress. Literally, I could dive right into this thing and get lost for weeks. Sometimes fashion is confusing—especially when it makes you look like you’re carrying around a pile of bedsheets held up by a macramé plant hanger.


Elle Fashion Next



Remember that scene in Mulan where the Huns invade China and the greasy-haired warrior in a long fur coat destroys an entire village? Well, I completely forgot about it until I saw this.