10 Of The Most Misogynistic Tweets From Donald Trump

by Hannah Marsh

10 Of The Most Misogynistic Tweets From Donald Trump

The presidential candidate is notorious for his demeaning comments toward women on social media. But have you actually read some of these things?



Recently, Donald Trump has again come under fire for his sexist, racist and body-shaming remarks toward former Miss Universe Alicia Machado. However, if you’ve seen the presidential candidate on TV, or happen to follow any of his… er, cringeworthy social media accounts––you know that these kind of comments toward and about women are not uncommon. However, considering that the genetic makeup of America is 51 percent women, it is a rather bemusing approach for a candidate, and one that we could have never expected in this day and age.



Don’t believe us? Here are 10 (and there are many, many more) instances where Donald Trump brought the term “misogynist” upon himself.

1. When he argued that sexual assault is only to be expected in the military



2. When he used Bill Clinton’s alleged adultery against Hillary…and then tried to get rid of the evidence.




3. He also has no problem calling out individual women on their appearances (because what else are we good for?).





4. And that time he showed how well he handles someone who disagrees with his stances. (Good thing everyone agrees with you when you’re president, right?…)




5. Or there was the instance when he deemed mothers who breastfeed to be disgusting.




6. And if this doesn’t sound like a third grade fight…



7. He also has proven to be particularly charming toward Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington.




8. Remember when he implied that women were not fit to be in military combat? (What year is this again?)




9. Or that memorable time that he didn’t like the questions Fox reporter Megyn Kelly had asked, so he blamed it on her period. Wow.




10. And finally, even after receiving backlash from body-shaming Machado, he decided it would be a good idea to slut-shame her, too.