11 Times Britney Spears’ Instagram Made the Internet Go “Whuuut?”

by Rachel Weeks

11 Times Britney Spears’ Instagram Made the Internet Go “Whuuut?”

Britney Spears has been always been a hero of ours, but her Instagram has a few things to explain, like the picture of Mexican corn she took off the Internet and posted. (I mean, what?) Most recently, though, the popstar posted an obviously photoshopped bikini pic, leaving us all #confused. You look amazing, Brit! Why photoshop yourself?





That time she totally photoshopped her bikini pic and the Internet called her on it. See that patch of blue under the small of her back? We’re thinking that wasn’t exactly there before.





That time she got inspired by a blurry picture of a mug in a car.





That time she straight up stole a picture of corn off the Internet to post on Instagram, captioning it, “It’s honestly too good to be true mmmm.”





That time she posted literally a picture of water—again, straight from Google—that says, “I love the water.”





That time she ran into a pole on New Year’s Day, and then posted it for the world to see.





That time Britney was getting older—”I need my glasses”—and her iPhone 5S was, too! This was taken long after the iPhone 6S had come out.





“Don’t underestimate the strength of a child,” Brit shared along with this screencap from Disney’s ’60s less-than-classic Sword in the Stone. Maybe it was for throwback Thursday?





That time Brit posted three confusing black and white videos that had fans thinking a big announcement was on the horizon. According to E! News, Spears wasn’t trying to announce anything; she was just “having fun.”





That time she was all about this pair of ducks. “Mandarin ducks symbolize true love,” she wrote.





That time Britney got deep about this planet? Moon? Star? “Nothing’s what it seems,” she posted. Nothing, indeed.





It’s just a boat, Brit, just a blurry picture of a boat.