12 Fit Female Celebrities We Want as Gym Buddies

by Erin Clarkson

12 Fit Female Celebrities We Want as Gym Buddies

If you’re looking for workout motivation this New Year, look no further—these fit female celebrities have it in spades!


12 Fit Female Celebrities


The toughest part of starting a workout routine can be finding motivation to get to the gym, and nothing helps quite like a committed gym buddy. In a perfect world, we’d be able to round up our favorite celebs to inspire us and gossip with us through some grueling cardio. If we could, these would be our celebrity gym buddies:


  1. Jennifer Aniston – Jen’s a great example of a celeb that has maintained her physique throughout her career. Maybe it’s all that Smartwater® she drinks? It’s hard to believe she’s 46 years old; you’d never know it from the awe-inspiring bikini pics she shares from her frequent vacations to Cabo San Lucas. We’d love to workout with her so we could dish about her best secrets for staying in shape long-term.
  2. Kate Hudson – As the spokesmodel for Fabletics™ fitness clothes, Kate knows it pays to look great in gym gear. With her fab abs, it’s hard to believe she has two kids! She’s not shy about showing off and has plenty of inspo-worthy bikini pics floating around the Web. We’d grab a spot beside her on the cross trainer and ask about her favorite trends in workout gear.
  3. Taylor Swift – The biggest female celebrity of them all, Taylor Swift has really stepped up her workouts in recent years and has added some serious muscle definition to her long legs. Naturally, we’d choose to spend leg day with Taylor so we could get a peek at her routine. Of course, we’d also have to ask how she always manages to look so ladylike when she’s leaving the gym. #gymgoals.
  4. Jessica Alba – Have you seen her in a bikini? How is it possible she looks better after having 2 kids? If we had the opportunity to work out with her, we’d ask how she manages to squeeze in her workouts while staying busy running her own business and doing mom duties. (We’d also secretly hope she’d share some goodies from her company, Honest Beauty™, with us after a hard workout.)
  5. Jessica Biel – It’s evident Jessica works hard on her body. The paparazzi are always snapping pics of her hiking the trails in Cali, playing paddle ball on the beach, or going for a run. Even her movie roles are tough (remember Total Recall?). We’d work our glutes with Jessica and steal her best tips for getting the perfect round booty!
  6. Julianne Hough – The Dancing with the Stars judge is full of energy and always on the go! A quick glance at her blog shows that she’s partnered with some big names to release a new athleisure clothing line that will be available in March 2016. If we had the opportunity to work out with her, you know we’d have to take a dance class from the master!
  7. Lupita Nyong’o – Being fashion’s newest “it girl” must be tough work. Lupita has to look good for all those strapless designer gowns she’s constantly sporting on the red carpet. We’d spend the day working arms with Lupita so we could learn how she gets such amazing shoulder definition.
  8. Cameron Diaz – Is laughing considered an ab workout? If so, it’s no wonder Cameron’s abs are in such great shape! She’s so silly that she’d probably make time fly at the gym, but we’d rather spend a day surfing with her so we could learn her best tricks for mastering the big waves.
  9. Jenny McCarthy – At 43, the former Playboy model still scores high on our fitness radar. She is regularly featured in fitness magazines and has no fear of oversharing about her life on social media. Since she’s so forthcoming, we’d ask her what it really takes to look that good in your forties. We think she’d be the most likely of all the female celebrities to give us the real scoop.
  10. Gwen Stefani – Is Gwen really 46?! Blake must bring out the best in her because she’s been looking extra amazing these days. The mom of 3 stays busy pumping out new music and working as a judge on The Voice, but she must still find time to hit the gym on the regular. We’d ask her for her diet and fitness secrets for fitting into those belly-baring tops and miniskirts she loves to wear.
  11. Rihanna – Rihanna rocks on tour, and she also rocks in her itty-bitty bikinis. She has a lot of motivation to stay in shape since she spends so much of her free time on yachts, wearing little to nothing. We’d ask Esquire‘s Sexiest Woman Alive which songs she’d add to the ultimate cardio playlist as motivation to keep moving.
  12. Carrie Underwood – Carrie recently had a baby, but you’d never know it by looking at her; whatever she’s doing is definitely working. We’d ask Carrie how she managed to stay fit through her pregnancy and how she bounced back so quickly after little Isaiah was born.


Who are your favorite female celebrities that inspire you to get moving? Let us know in the comments! For more inspiration, check out 10 Instagram Fitness Stars You Need To Follow Now!