13 Times Kylie Jenner Gave Us Major Food Envy

by Jasmine Gordon

13 Times Kylie Jenner Gave Us Major Food Envy

Not only is Kylie Jenner basically flawless, girlfriend loves to eat. From flaky french toast to teriyaki sliders, discover 13 of her most enviable meals that you’ll definitely want to steal and recreate at home.


Kylie Jenner isn’t Afraid to Eat!



Not only is Kylie Jenner a master of the selfie and a total cosmetics guru, this celebrity loves to eat! As it turns out, her squad’s taste in food is every bit as flawless as her lipliner technique.

If you’re hungry, you may want to grab a snack as we count down 13 of Kylie, Tyga, Kendall and their friends’ most mouthwatering food pics posted to social media!


Last Stop Burger, Maybe?



Okay, so we don’t actually have any proof that Kylie ever ate the “Last Stop Burger,” but her Instagram photo confirms that she was definitely considering it! In an Instagram photo taken to promote her online shop, we see the celebrity eyeing an advertisement for a 1/2 pound of beef, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and even more. That burger sounds pretty darn good in our book, just saying.


TWO Birthday Cakes



When Kylie threw a super glamorous birthday party for her bestie, the model Jordyn Woods, they weren’t shy about serving enough dessert to feed everyone. Kylie and Jordan took a pretty picture behind the birthday girls’ cakes, one of which appears to be covered in coconut!


Teriyaki Sliders



Even though Kylie’s big sister Khloe Kardashian doesn’t eat red meat, she was happy to help her sis cook up some absolutely delicious-looking Teriyaki Sliders. The end results of their cooking look absolutely amazing, which Kylie attributes to the “secret ingredient” of pre-made teriyaki sauce.


Chicken Fries from BK



Kylie may have been paid by Burger King to promote their chicken fries, but her snapshot on Instagram would indicate that she definitely enjoyed the experience. In fact, she described the o-shaped chicken snack as “my kind of ring.”


Shrimp Tacos & Homemade Guac



In one of the tastiest-looking episodes of Cooking with Kylie, she played student to model pal Karrueche in the kitchen. The two cooked up a batch of Karrueche’s signature homemade shrimp tacos and guacamole, which sounds like the perfect meal!


Sugar Mocktails



Shortly after launching her Orlando-based restaurant and candy shop, Sugar Factory, Kylie posted a typically glamorous photo behind two of her businesses’ mocktails. In an interview with local news sources, Kylie admitted that the food at the restaurant was awesome, but she was partial to their sweets-loaded and steaming drinks, stating “I love their milkshakes and their crazy (non-alcoholic) drinks. It’s probably my favorite.”

Kylie, if ordering a giant pink drink with candy in it is wrong, we never ever want to be right!


Candied Yams



The very first-ever episode of Cooking with Kylie featured the celebrity and her long-term assistant Victoria Villarroel Gamero cooking up some very non-fussy candied yams. It starts off pretty healthy—sliced yams that are browned in coconut oil with a little brown sugar and cinnamon. However, right before she sticks them in the oven Kylie “drowns” them in pancake syrup! Sounds nothing less than amazing.





Sometimes, you just have to put on your comfiest sweatpants and cook a giant pan of lasagna, right? Gorgeous as always in nude tones, Kylie took to her Instagram and Snapchat to announce she was cooking Italian. According to her Snapchat, she rounded out the time in the kitchen with a batch of cranberry oatmeal cookies!


Tyga’s Favorite Feast



If you roll with Kylie, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll never go hungry. To celebrate an unknown special occasion, she pulled together a list of amazing foods that pretty much anyone would love—including chicken wings, macaroni and cheese, potato chips, ribs and candied yams. Lucky Tyga!


Flakey French Toast



Kylie cooked one amazing brunch recently for Tyga and other members of her squad that included some of the most mouth-watering French toast we’ve ever seen. Using a mixture of crushed frosted flakes on bread that was dipped in eggs, milk, vanilla, and cinnamon, she browned up some gorgeous wedges in real butter before serving.

Other parts of this massive brunch menu included a really yummy-looking sausage scramble, crispy baked potato wedges, and her favorite brand of bacon.


Tyga’s Rice with Cheesy Eggs



On Snapchat while cooking brunch for her pals, Kylie confessed that she cooks cheesy eggs with rice for Tyga at “almost every meal.” While she didn’t reveal the secret recipe, it looked pretty simple—eggs and cheese scrambled together with cooked white rice.


Oreos, Obviously



You can’t eat healthy 24/7, and Kylie isn’t afraid to indulge a little bit. In an interview, she stated that Oreos were one of her favorite junk foods, along with vending machine staples like Flaming Hot Cheetos, Twizzlers, Diet Coke, and pretzels.


The World’s Most Romantic Cupcakes



To celebrate Tyga’s birthday in November, Kylie delivered some pretty customized cupcakes. The batch was covered with frosting and other decorative elements that represented his favorite things: money, bling, photos of the happy couple, Tyga’s son, and some, um, body parts.