Sexy, Strong Olympic Athletes We Can’t Wait to See in Rio

by Mackensie Graham

Sexy, Strong Olympic Athletes We Can’t Wait to See in Rio

The hot South American sun won’t be the only thing sizzling on the beach at the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Prepare to tune into the games to see these 14 sexiest athletes at the Olympics perform heroic feats of athleticism on the track, in the water, and on the court. With rock hard abs, arms, and legs, even if they don’t win, they already won gold medals in our eyes.


John Orozco, U.S.A., Gymnastics



John Orozco is a studly, steadfast essential part of the six-man USA gymnastics team. In 2012 Orozco won his first U.S. all-around title and competed in the Olympics. He’s back on top and recovered after he re-tore his right Achilles tendon in the summer of 2015.


Lauren Sesselmann, Canada, Soccer



Lauren Sesselmann may have been born in the U.S. and played soccer in college at Purdue University, but she’s all about the maple leaf flag now as a defender for Canada’s Olympic Team. In 2012, she made her debut at the Olympics in London and helped her team win the bronze medal.


Usain Bolt, Jamaica, Track



The world is already well acquainted with the fast (and fantastic) body of Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt. With six previous gold medals to his name, this may be the last Olympics to watch Bolt’s prowess. The athlete has said in previous interviews, “it’ll definitely be my last Olympics.”


Michelle Jenneke, Australia, Hurdles



Hurdler Michelle Jenneke is no stranger to photo-worthy finishes on the track in the 100m hurdles. She took home the silver in 2010 at the Youth Olympic Games and claimed the title of second-fastest Aussie with her personal best (12.82 seconds) at the National Championships in 2015. What really puts Jenneke on this list is her sexy, fun warm up dance she can be spotted breaking into pre-race.


Chad le Clos, South Africa, Swimming



If you weren’t a fan of watching swimming previously, Chad le Clos may just convert you into a super fan. Look for more medals on this handsome athlete, who is perhaps best known for his exciting upset win over Michael Phelps in the 200m butterfly final at the London Olympics in 2012. Before the Olympic team from South Africa arrives in Rio, le Clos and his fellow swimmers are training in high altitudes in Doha, Qatar and won’t return to their home country until after the Olympic Games!


Ellen Hoog, Netherlands, Field Hockey



Ellen Hoog is drawing international attention to the sport of field hockey with her multitude of achievements (and her gorgeous looks don’t hurt!). The midfielder has been Sports Illustrated pin-up, but also a leader on the Netherlands’ gold medal teams in both the Beijing and London Olympics. Plus, she was named the 2014 International Hockey Federation Player of the Year. Hoog told CNN’s Human to Hero series,”I think it’s nice when people say we are a good-looking team, but in the end we want to win gold medals.”


Tom Daley, Great Britain, Diving



At the young age of 21, Daley is the freshest and one of the youngest hotties on the Rio Olympics roster. As one of the main faces of the Great Britain’s team he modeled designer Stella McCartney’s debut of the itsy bitsy teeny weeny swimsuit he and his mates will dive in. He currently holds a bronze medal from the Men’s 10m platform event in the London 2012 games and is no doubt looking to increase the hardware this time around.


Luca Dotto, Italy, Swimming



He’s tall, svelte, and looks darn good in a Speedo when he’s swimming at super speed. He currently holds the record in Italy for the men’s 100 meter freestyle. When he’s not in the pool, his fins turn to high fashion modeling legs, strutting in brands like Emporio Armani.


Jaqueline Carvalho, Brazil, Volleyball



Wing spiker Jaqueline Carvalho will be playing on her home turf in the upcoming Olympic games. With her hair pulled back into a tight ponytail, the Brazilian is sure to bring the heat… Just like she did to help lead the Brazil National Volleyball Team to the gold in Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012.


Rhys Howden, Australia, Water Polo



It’s no wonder Rhys Howden has the hot bod he does! He has two training sessions a day, at two hours each, in prep for the Olympics. His exercise regimin mixes in water polo practice, swimming, cycling, and weight lifiting. Howden said in an interview with Inside Sport that his expectations are high for the Olympics. “We’re striving to be the first Australian men’s water polo team to win an Olympic medal. Hopefully we can keep putting these good results on the board. Our showing at the recent Intercontinental tournament was the first FINA gold medal Australia has ever won in men’s competition.”


Matheus Santana, Brazil, Swimming



As if you need another reason to book a ticket to the Olympics this year, just take a look at Matheus Santana. The sexy swimmer will dive in head first to the competition with successes under his Speedo like a gold medal in the 4 × 100 meter freestyle relay from the 2015 Pan American Games.


Dafne Schippers, Netherlands, Sprinter



This Dutch sprinter is a former heptathlete and has been focusing intensely on training for the upcoming Olympics. Dafne Schippers told the Gaurdian about the differences in athletes and how she’s ready to face off against the world class competition. “Yes, sprinters are more like gladiators but I don’t really miss the heptathlon. I like to beat the tough girls.” Schippers will be one to watch this Olympics (not just for her envy-worthy legs), especially with her 2015 World Championships European record time of 21.63 in the 200 meter race.



Fernando Fernandes, Brazil, Paracanoe



Paralympic athlete, Fernando Fernandes, once had a career as a male model until he was in a car accident that caused a spinal injury, leaving him as a paraplegic. Fernandes is now a sexy, world champion representative of the Paralympics (held the 7-18 September), with a multitude of medals to his name. He said in an interview, “When I sat in the kayak, I regained my freedom and had the sensation of ability I thought I had lost. I saw that I was on equal terms with everyone and I perceived I had an enormous responsibility to spread this message and contribute to the sport’s growth.”


Natasha Hastings, U.S.A, Sprinter



On and off the track, Natasha Hastings always rocks a superior, strong style; her supporters have dubbed her the “400 meter diva.” In 2008, she won Olympic gold with the Women’s 4 × 400 meter relay team and she’s back for more in the upcoming Games. One of the sexiest things about Hastings is her mindful approach to a healthy lifestyle and training. Every morning Hastings meditates before hitting the weight room and track practice. In an interview she said, “My morning meditation is most important. I set my goals and intentions for the day. I declare the day to be a great one in which I will be happy and go after each task at hand.”