14 Strange Celeb Hobbies That Will Make You Question Your Favorite Stars

by Jennifer Lafferty

14 Strange Celeb Hobbies That Will Make You Question Your Favorite Stars

Ever wonder what celebrities do to pass the time? Well, we looked into it, and it’s pretty damn bizarre.


Shailene Woodley



Shailene Woodley has taken self-sufficiency to a whole new level. The actress sticks to a pretty strict organic lifestyle, even going so far as to make her own medicine, toothpaste, body lotions, and cheese! She told US Weekly: “It’s appealing to my soul.”


Taylor Swift



With her exciting, fast-paced lifestyle you wouldn’t expect Taylor Swift to spend her time making snow globes, but she’s been known to get together with her super cool posse and craft holiday-themed globes, proudly displaying many on her Insta page.


Mila Kunis



While lots of people play video games as a pastime, Mila Kunis has openly admitted to being thoroughly obsessed with World of Warcraft. The game ended up consuming so much of her time, though, that she had to force herself to retire!


Amy Adams



Knitting is absolutely not just for grandmas anymore! On the set of Doubt, Amy Adams learned to knit from Meryl Streep! We’ll do anything at all Meryl teaches us.


Will Smith



Outside of the Olympics, we don’t hear much about fencing these days. However, if anyone can make the sport cool again it’s Will Smith, who takes the time to fence with fellow Hollywood pals David Beckham and Tom Cruise!


Mike Tyson



In 2011, Mike Tyson’s series Taking on Tyson explored one of his lifetime hobbies: pigeon racing. Tyson grew up raising and breeding pigeons in Brownsville, Brooklyn, before he became the world-renowned famous boxer we all know today!


Angelina Jolie



Knives have always been a huge fascination of Angelina Jolie’s. The Mr. and Mrs. Smith actress even admitted to using them during her first sexual relationship, telling 20/20: “I got my knives out and there was a night where we attacked each other.” Jolie still collects old knives from around the world, but obviously keeps them locked tightly away from her children!


Seth Myers



As an avid comic book collector, it must have been a dream come true when Seth Myers got to write one himself. In 2009, the actor/comedian was a guest co-writer on a one-time, special issue of Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man.


Leslie Mann



Known for her wacky characters, actress Leslie Mann can be just as quirky off-screen. Mann has been riding unicycles since she was a kid, and she might just be ready for the circus, telling Oprah Magazine: “Now I can do all kinds of tricks, like cycling backward and jumping off curbs.”


Tom Hanks



Tom Hanks is so enthusiastic about his typewriter collection (borderline obsession!) that he even wrote a short story anthology inspired by the machines. He was originally drawn to manual typewriters because he felt they were “beautiful works of art,” but he also found that they were a great thing to “blow show-business money on.”


Simon Cowell



Clearly, in touch with his inner child, Simon Cowell likes to climb trees and watch cartoons. Not just any cartoon will suffice, however, as he has a strong affinity toward retro cartoons including The Flintstones and The Jetsons which he watches every morning from the bathtub to put him in a good mood!


Quentin Tarantino



Considering how colorful he is, it’s not surprising that Quentin Tarantino has a quirky hobby. The Oscar-winning filmmaker enjoys collecting retro TV board games. His large collection includes games inspired by classic series like I Dream of Jeannie, The Dukes of Hazzard, Dawn of the Dead and Universe.


Steve Martin



Steve Martin has seriously done his part in dispelling the hillbilly stigma associated with strumming the banjo. An avid banjo player for most of his life, the comedian learned how to play as a child and even won a Grammy for his debut banjo album in 2009.Who knew?!


Johnny Depp



Depending on how weird you think Johnny Depp is, it may or may not surprise you to learn about his habit of playing with dolls. The actor said he used to test out and shape his various characters during playtime with his daughter Lily-Rose until she got tired of it, telling Jimmy Kimmel: “I’ve got a lot of Barbies in storage.”