15 Celebrities Who Wiped Out (Or Came Close to It) At Red Carpet Events

by Effie Orfanides

15 Celebrities Who Wiped Out (Or Came Close to It) At Red Carpet Events

Could you imagine being all dolled up in a designer gown, walking a red carpet looking super glamorous, and then tripping and/or falling in front of thousands of people? It’s certainly not something anyone wants to have happen to them, but it does happen. Actress Jennifer Lawrence took a tumble—again—at The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 premiere in Madrid, so we decided to check into some of the other embarrassing celebrity mishaps at red carpet events over the past few years.


Helen Mirren



Actress Helen Mirren, 70, tripped while walking up the stairs at the Berlin Film Festival premiere of The Woman in Gold. Her mermaid style gown may have been the cause, but she caught herself quickly, and was able to stand upright and carry on her night.


Hayden Panettiere



At the 2014 Met Gala, Nashville star Hayden Panettiere lost her footing while walking the red carpet. Panettiere, 26, got caught up underneath her Dennis Basso gown, but was able to make it to the bottom of the stairs without further issues.


Emma Thompson



In 2013, Emma Thompson was participating in her Hand and Footprint Ceremony at the TLC Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles when she took a spill. The actress lost her balance and fell over on to the red carpet.


Jennifer Garner



Jennifer Garner will never forget the 2013 Vanity Fair Oscar’s party. Wearing a gorgeous fuschia-hued Gucci gown, Garner lost her balance while walking the red carpet (which wasn’t actually “red”), but was able to catch herself before falling on her face.


Jennifer Lawrence



The Hunger Games star hasn’t had the best luck when it comes to public events. In fact, JLaw has lost her balance a few times throughout her career. The 2014 Oscar’s red carpet had the actress tripping right out of the limo! Don’t worry, though. She was fine, and started laughing hysterically once she got back on her feet.


Elisabeth Rohm



Elisabeth Rohm was at a QVC red carpet event in 2014 when she took a tumble. The actress was posing for photos when her heel twisted and she went straight to the ground. Like a real professional, Rohm stood back up and continued right on posing.


Michael Cera



Actor Michael Cera was on the 2013 Sundance red carpet when he experienced a mishap. He was having a bit of fun with his Magic, Magic co-star, Catalina Sandino, when he totally fell to the ground.


Amy Schumer



The comedian and Trainwreck star may have not experienced “embarrassment” after her recent red carpet fall. Why? Well, because she fell at the Time 100 Gala… in front of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West… on purpose!


Jessica Alba



The 2006 Teen Choice Awards were almost a decade ago, but not many people have forgotten Jessica Alba’s fall. Wearing a pair of jeans and knee-high boots, the actress laughed off her misstep.


Naomi Watts



Naomi Watts was heading to the microphone at the 2015 SAG Awards when she tripped on Emma Stone’s dress! Practically wiping out, Watts remained composed and went on to accept the award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture for the film Birdman.


Heidi Klum



The supermodel fell while on stage at the 2008 Emmy Awards. She decided to do a quick dance with host Tom Bergeron, but ended up on the floor!


Sarah Hyland



It was a near-disaster for Modern Family star Sarah Hyland at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards. As she prepared to present an award with Skylar Astin, Sarah tripped and nearly flew head-first across the stage. Thankfully, she was able to stay upright.


Tan Mom



Patricia Krentcil a.k.a. Tan Mom fell on the red carpet at a New York Drag Queen event back in 2012. Many say that she was drunk at the time.


AnnaLynne McCord



Actress AnnaLynne McCord knows what it’s like to fall on a red carpet. At the 2009 Teen Vogue party, the 90210 star ended up down on all fours. She handled it gracefully, however, and recovered with a sheepish wave.


Jennifer Lawrence (Yes, Again)



Our last slide is dedicated to the fall seen ’round the world. It was at the 2013 Academy Awards when Lawrence was walking up to the stage to accept the award for Best Actress for her role in Silver Linings Playbook. Who knows if it was nerves or the dress, but J-Law totally ate it on the stage stairs.