15 Hunky Celebs Who’ve Sported a Man Bun

by Effie Orfanides

15 Hunky Celebs Who’ve Sported a Man Bun

Men’s style trends come and go, some for the better, some for the worse. And let’s face it: wearing a man bun is a privilege, not a right—one that these 15 hunks have certainly earned.


Jason Momoa



Whether he’s talking to fish as Aquaman or pillaging as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, Jason Momoa rocks the man bun with the best of them. No wonder Daenerys was so bereft.


Jake Gyllenhaal



Jake Gyllenhaal may be on the goofy side, but a man bun improves any situation… No matter what the producers of Nightcrawler said.


Harry Styles



Naturally, One Direction has a member in the man bun ranks, and his name is Harry Styles. There will always be haters though, which explains why the band’s induction into Jimmy Fallon’s hall of Mean Tweets was a jab at “gross hair”.


David Beckham



It’s no surprise that hunky footballer and brand ambassador David Beckham has worn the man bun. The only surprise will be if anyone ever wears it better.


Bradley Cooper



When he’s not busy kicking butt, taking names, and showing off his physique, sexy Bradley Cooper is busy driving us crazy with, you guessed it, a man bun. It’s a vast improvement over the Jheri curl in American Hustle.


Jared Leto



Actor/rockstar Jared Leto is another obvious candidate for the man bun. Whether in front of the camera or onstage fronting 30 Seconds to Mars, he wears it well and that’s no joke(r).


Leonardo DiCaprio



If there was an Academy Award for Best Man Bun, Leonardo DiCaprio would have ended his Oscar drought long ago. We were sad to see it go; the beard, on the other hand…


Andrew Garfield



How about your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man bun? Andrew Garfield has indeed worn it, but no, it wasn’t to audition for a Harry Styles biopic.


Chris Hemsworth



Mighty Thor looks a bit more heroic in a man bun than Peter Parker. Or at least, Thor actor Chris Hemsworth certainly does. One might even call it god-like.


Heath Ledger



The late Heath Ledger was one of the first to rock the iconic man bun. The Aussie hunk and star of A Knight’s Tale was also among the best.


Orlando Bloom



Serial ladies man Orlando Bloom has also had a fling with the man bun. The English lad has been pictured with many a lady, and several of those shots have featured the trendy coif.


Gavin Rossdale



A fellow Brit, rocker Gavin Rossdale drove women crazy in the ’90s with his charm, good looks, and voice. Now the Bush frontman has added a man bun into the mix. We can’t even.


Peter Dinklage



Peter Dinklage may not be the first Game of Thrones star to sport the man bun, but the Tyrion Lannister actor might be the show’s only living man-bun representative. For now, of course.


Taylor Kitsch



Canadian hottie Taylor Kitsch has worn the man bun with aplomb. The Friday Night Lights and Battleship star practically declared war on other hair styles.


Tom Brady



Tom Brady looks like a hair MVP with his world champion man bun. The New England Patriots star QB hadn’t even worn the man bun yet before wifing supermodel Gisele Bündchen.