15 Reasons to be Inspired by Blake Lively’s Sophomore Pregnancy

by Effie Orfanides

15 Reasons to be Inspired by Blake Lively’s Sophomore Pregnancy

Blake Lively is pregnant and totally owning her second pregnancy! From her red carpet appearances, her social media posts, and her love for comfort, Blake is an inspiration to us all—even if we’re not baby-bound.


She Is Cool With Comfort



Blake Lively might be forced to wear really uncomfortable shoes (and Spanx) when she’s promoting a new film, but this mama totally knows about comfort—and she’s loving it! Recently, Blake was out in a long, fancy dress and wasn’t ashamed to show off some leg in a high slit. However, she chose to wear comfy sneakers instead of heels.


She Is Rocking The Red Carpet



Blake hasn’t given up fashion for the bump—if anything, she has embraced it! The actress looked absolutely stunning in a few magnificent dresses at Cannes. Our favorite? A Vivienne Westwood number that had Blake looking like a real-life Cinderella.


She Has A Great Sense Of Humor



Is it us or has Blake Lively come out of her shell a bit more lately? While she was promoting The Shallows, Blake had a great time telling jokes and making everyone laugh. She had a fantastic time with Jimmy Fallon (the two played “Know It All”) and while chatting with Seth Meyers, Lively joked about having her daughter James, 18 months, watch the new baby.

“I feel like at a year and a half she’s equipped to be a babysitter. Like, we can go out and go on date night,” she said.


She’s Pushing Fashion Boundaries



Blake isn’t afraid to show some skin just because she’s pregnant. Example? She wore a white and black cutout dress while promoting Cafe Society.


She Is Still Super Private



She might be talking a bit about expecting baby number two, but Blake isn’t giving away too many details. We don’t know the sex of her baby or her due date. She and her hubby, Ryan Reynolds, like to keep their personal lives private. A photo of her first child, James, has never been released.


She’s Fine On Her Own



She undoubtedly loves Ryan—and he adores her—but Blake Lively is just fine on her own. She has been traveling, promoting movies, and attending premieres without her husband by her side.


She’s Keeping It Real



Blake has opened up about being a mom and just how crazy it is. “My kid is like, playing with explosive devices, I don’t know where she found them. Like sticking them in our dog’s ear. She already knows how to drywall because she puts holes in the wall,” Blake told Seth Meyers.


She’s Having Fun



Although she’s pregnant (and well into her second trimester), Blake isn’t hibernating by any means. Over the 4th of July weekend, Blake and Ryan were on hand for an epic celebrity-packed beach party in Rhode Island hosted by Taylor Swift. Blake wore a bikini, hugged her man, and frolicked in the water with pals.


She’s Showing Off Her Bump 24/7



She may have been trying to keep her bump on the DL for a bit, but Blake Lively is now happy to show off her growing tummy. She has been wearing belly-baring clothes—and she still looks HOT.


She’s Not Afraid To Eat



Blake is pretty open about enjoying her milkshakes and mixed berry shortcakes. If you believe the old wives’ tales, you may wonder if Blake is expecting another girl—her sweet tooth seems to be working overtime lately!


She’s Spending Time With Her Family



Blake cherishes spending time with her family, and she’s making time to do so before baby number two arrives. She has posted a couple of things about her dad and brother lately, soaking in some quality time with them this summer. She also posted a pic with her niece whom she loves to pieces!


She’s Working Hard



She might be pregnant but she’s not stopping! Blake Lively has been a busy bee over the past couple of months and she doesn’t appear to be slowing down any. She has moved swiftly from promoting The Shallows to promoting Cafe Society. According to her IMDb page, Blake recently wrapped another film called All I See Is You. It doesn’t look like she will be filming anything else this year, however. Phew!


She’s Owning Social Media



Blake has upped her social media presence and has been keeping her fans in the loop by posting on Instagram more frequently.


She’s A Great Mom To James



While doing all of the aforementioned things, Blake is still managing to care for her baby girl who is growing so fast. You can bet that Blake and Ryan are talking to James about becoming a big sister and that they are cherishing these last few months of being a family of three.


She’s A Great Wife To Ryan



And after all of those things are done, Blake is still a wife and she loves Ryan Reynolds above and beyond. The two are so super sweet together—we absolutely love it!