15 Times Celebrities Became Real Life Heroes

by Effie Orfanides

15 Times Celebrities Became Real Life Heroes

Sometimes celebrity status is trumped by the need for a straight-up Good Samaritan. Such is the case of Jamie Foxx, who, on Monday, January 18, became a real-life hero when he pulled the driver of an overturned, on-fire car to safety near his home in Hidden Valley, California. But Foxx isn’t the first celebrity do-gooder. Check out 15 other stars who put their fame aside to help someone in need.





Tom Cruise



In 1996, Tom Cruise called 911 after witnessing a hit and run accident. Not only did the actor stay with the victim until paramedics arrived, but he went to the hospital with her. A short while later, Cruise learned that the woman didn’t have health insurance. He reportedly paid the woman’s medical bill which totaled about $7,000!





Nomar Garciaparra



The former Red Sox player was walking along the Boston Harbor in 2005 when he heard some chattering. He found two women had fallen into the ocean and one in particular was injured. The athlete jumped into the chilly water and helped get the two women out. Both of the women survived.





Kate Winslet



The Titanic actress was heralded a hero back in 2011. A fire broke out at Richard Branson’s home in the middle of the night leaving guests scrambling to get out. After leaving the home and making sure her kids were safe, Winslet realized that Branson’s 90-year-old mom was still inside. The actress went back in and brought the elderly woman to safety.





John Malkovich



The actor came to the rescue of a man who had tripped and fallen in Toronto a couple of years ago. Malkovich rushed over and helped stopped the man from bleeding out by applying pressure to the open wound on the man’s neck. Malkovich stayed with the man until EMTs arrived.





Jennifer Lawrence



JLaw is another one of those celebrities that became a real life hero. In 2012, Lawrence was at her apartment in Santa Monica, California, when she noticed a woman on the ground. Lawrence reportedly rushed over to help and stayed until medical personnel arrived.





Demi Moore



You might remember a story from 2009 when Demi Moore used social media to save someone’s life. The actress responded to a Twitter user who wanted to commit suicide. Authorities were able to track the user’s Twitter handle and were able to show up at the social media user’s home.





Brad Pitt



Brad Pitt was filming World War Z when trouble arose on set. Pitt noticed that a female extra had fallen and ran over to save her from being trampled.





Ryan Gosling



When you think about celebrities becoming real life heroes, you can’t possibly leave out Ryan Gosling! The actor broke up a street fight in New York City in 2011. Someone filmed the incident and posted it on YouTube.





Chris Rock



The actor/comedian was at a New Jersey area mall when a woman went into labor. Instead of avoiding the crowd, Rock hurried over to the woman and tried to keep her calm by making her laugh. He reportedly stayed with her until paramedics showed up.








Rapper T.I. kept a man from jumping off of a building to his death. T.I. heard about the suicidal man on the radio and hurried over to the location. According to TMZ, T.I. recorded a video message that said, “Nothing is that bad. Nothing in life is worth taking your life. I’m here to help you. Please come down to talk to me.” After about 20 minutes, the man came down.





Amy Winehouse



Many years ago, Amy Winehouse was credited with saving a woman from drowning. According to The Sun, the woman was knocked off a boat by a wave and was injured. It was the “Rehab” singer who was credited with saving her life by pulling her from the water.





Anderson Cooper



Anderson Cooper saved a boy who was hit by a piece of concrete in Haiti. Anderson noticed the injured boy, scooped him up, and carried him to safety. He said that he was unsure whether or not the boy survived.





Sean Penn



Also in Haiti, Sean Penn was on hand to help people after a major earthquake caused major devastation. Penn was in an area during an aftershock when he saw an injured woman and a child needing help. He made sure they got medical assistance.





Vince Wilfork



In early 2015, the former New England Patriots star saved a woman after a car crash in Foxborough, Mass., not too far from Gillette Stadium. According to Us Weekly, Wilfork noticed a flipped Jeep, pulled over, and rushed to help whoever was inside.


“The last thing I wanted to do is have her panic, and that was the first thing I told her, I said, ‘Don’t panic. I’ll get you out of here.’ We [were] fine. We got her out, the cops came and that was about it,” he said.





Harrison Ford



The Star Wars actor used his private helicopter to help aid in a search and rescue mission after a hiker went missing in Wyoming. According to ABC News, Ford rescued Sarah George, 20, who couldn’t believe who rescued her. She admits she was pretty embarrassed after she “barfed” in Ford’s chopper!