15 Times Maisie Williams Completely WON Instagram

by Rachel Weeks

15 Times Maisie Williams Completely WON Instagram

Young Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams has officially won our hearts on-screen and online. With plenty of fashion and fun to go around, her Instagram is everything you never knew you needed.





That time we were all so jealous of Maisie’s decked out facemask.





That time she surprised GoT fans with snacks and a personal appearance on the night of the season six premiere.





That time Maisie totally fan-girled over her turtle, Barnacle. “My heart is actually melting bc of this picture my mum just sent me of Barney and his sons. Help,” she posted.





That time Maisie’s brother—who is way adorable—made the most perfect how-to video.





That time she embraced the post-filming fuzz and was still completely adorable.





That time she handled meeting Bill Murray just like all of us would.

“Would you mind if I got a picture with you?
Yea sure, I guess I’ll just hold up these Cheetos
Sure, I don’t mind *silence*”





“Hi, Maisie. Could you tell us who you’re wearing tonight?”
“Mexican wrestlers.”
“I’m sorry. I don’t think I follow.”
“No really. I’m wearing lots of Mexican wrestlers, all stitched together to make a dress. Fashion”

Watch the video. We died.





That time she was still acting silly, even at red carpet events.





Ugh. Every time Maisie hangs out with Sophie Turner.





Seriously, every time they hang out is perf. This post was captioned, “itty, bitty titty committee.”





That time Maisie was an even bigger over-packer than we are. Watch the video for the full and epic struggle.





That time she straight-up LOST her mind when she met Tim Minchin. Watch the video, she’s adorable.





That time she threw some serious Disney shade and it was perfect. “Found a disney hat just for u,” Maisie posted.





That time she loved her dog so much, we fell in love with him too. “I miss my little Sonny so much,” Maisie wrote. “Look at him just chilling with his dick out, not a care in the world #freethepuppypenis.”





LOL. Watch this video. That’s all.