16 of the Most Obnoxious, Awkward Celebrity Meltdowns

by Jennifer Lafferty

16 of the Most Obnoxious, Awkward Celebrity Meltdowns

Entertainers tend to be temperamental and their fast-paced lifestyles just add to the drama, but it’s still surprising to see them lose control in public. With today’s technology it’s easier than ever to capture these brawls and tantrums. Whether we see it firsthand or just hear about it, celebrity meltdowns are always shocking. Check out the most infamous celebrity freak-outs.


Michael Douglas



This freak-out may have been justified. Michael Douglas appeared almost chivalrous when he went after a paparazzo outside a London hotel in 2011 after Douglas’ wife Catherine Zeta-Jones screamed: “I want a police officer right now. He [the pap] punched me.”


Christian Bale



Christian Bale’s infamous tirade while filming Terminator Salvation could almost be seen as a precursor to the movie’s failure. Bale’s voice was caught on tape railing for nearly four minutes at the director of photography for breaking his concentration.


Solange Knowles



It’s unclear what triggered Solange Knowles to beat up brother-in-law Jay-Z at the 2014 Met Gala. Security cameras captured Beyonce’s younger sister hitting and kicking the rapper in an elevator, despite a security guard’s attempts to hold her back.


Russell Crowe



Of all Russell Crowe’s freak-outs, his most famous tantrum was probably when he reportedly threw a cell phone at a hotel employee in New York, because he couldn’t call Australia. The incident resulted in Crowe’s arrest.


Naomi Campbell



Another celebrity who enjoys throwing things is Naomi Campbell, whose alleged offenses include throwing a cell phone at her maid when a pair of jeans were lost, and assaulting a policeman following her airport meltdown over missing luggage.


Lindsay Lohan



Lindsay Lohan’s 2007 high-speed car chase would’ve made a great action movie sequence. Lohan, who was racing after her former assistant’s mother, was arrested for DUI that night and also accused of kidnapping and carjacking three men.


Kanye West



A poster boy for celebrities behaving badly, Kanye West’s numerous freak-outs include that infamous night at the 2009 VMA’s when he first became Taylor Swift’s arch-nemisis, interrupting her acceptance speech to say Beyonce’s video should have won instead.


Bill O’Reilly



When the hot-headed Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly was anchoring Inside Edition, he was caught on tape ranting at staff over the wording of a cue card, and inadvertently coined the phrase “F*ck it! We’ll do it live!”


Mariah Carey



Leave it to Mariah Carey to have a particularly flamboyant meltdown. While promoting Glitter she did a striptease on TRL and dispensed Popsicles, saying: “If you don’t have ice cream in your life, sometimes you just might go a little bit crazy.”


Shia Labeouf



Shia Labeouf’s famous 2014 Times Square freak-out was one of the most bizarre on record. Highlights of the alcohol-fueled evening include chasing a homeless man, groping people at a performance of Cabaret, and Labeouf’s subsequent arrest.


Sam Worthington



Sam Worthington credited girlfriend Natalie Mark with keeping him in line, so it makes sense that his meltdown followed their 2011 breakup. During a G’Day USA gala, he allegedly blurted out expletives, couldn’t sit still, and smacked a wall.


Julia Roberts



It seems that Julia Roberts is also a drama queen off-screen. Backstage at this year’s Oscars, Roberts shocked other celebrities by throwing a tantrum about her presentation script, forcing last-minute revisions to the speech.


Chris Brown & Drake



Chris Brown’s well-publicized feud with Drake featured a brawl at the WIP nightclub, during which their entourages threw bottles at each other. According to rumors, the rappers’ love triangle with Rihanna helped to ignite the melee.


Alec Baldwin



In 2013 Alec Baldwin went on a two-day marathon meltdown, allegedly calling a paparazzo a homophobic slur, screaming obscenities at a reporter, crashing into a photographer’s car, and assaulting a photog while smacking the camera from his hands.


Charlie Sheen



An entire book could be devoted to Charlie Sheen’s freak-outs, but the most infamous was the two-week period of wild raving, verbal attacks and marital problems, that ended with Sheen being fired from Two and a Half Men.


Amanda Bynes



Career woes are suspected to be the cause of Amanda Bynes’ long public meltdown, which includes being arrested for throwing a bong out of her apartment window and being placed on psychiatric hold after setting fire to a driveway.