17 Celebs With Twins We Never Knew About

by Sierra Burgos

17 Celebs With Twins We Never Knew About

We all know Dylan and Cole Sprouse from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and Tia and Tamera from Sister, Sister. But what about the celebs who have twins we never knew about? There are actually way more than you’d think.


Ashton and Michael Kutcher



Ashton Kutcher’s fraternal twin, Michael, had a heart transplant when the brothers were very young. Michael also has cerebral palsy and is a spokesperson for the organization “Reaching for the Stars.” Michael’s cardiomyopathy caused stress for Ashton, who stated that when he was 13, he contemplated committing suicide to save his brother’s life with a heart transplant. He told his father he was considering jumping from a Cedar Rapids hospital balcony. Thankfully, doctors announced that a transplant had become available from an accident victim in another state.


Gisele and Patricia Bundchen



And you thought competing with your sister was difficult—try having a Victoria’s Secret model as your sibling. Although she isn’t a supermodel like her sister, Gisele’s fraternal twin Patricia Bundchen is just as beautiful. She’s technically the younger sister, born 5 minutes after Gisele. The sisters grew up in Três de Maio, Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil, and are sixth-generation Brazilians. The Bündchen clan includes six sisters in all—Raquel, Graziela, Gabriela, Rafaela, Gisele and Patricia—and they are all supermodel material. Where can we get some of those fabulous genes?


Siva and Kumar Kaneswaran



Remember that boyband, The Wanted? You know “Glad You Came” and “Chasing the Sun” used to be your jam (it’s still ours tbh). Well, one of their band members, named Siva, has an identical twin brother named Kumar. Maybe this is of no value to you, but when you see photos of the twins, you’ll thank us.


Tiki and Ronde Barber



Tiki started out playing football for the New York Giants and is now an on-air personality. His identical (like, extremely identical) twin brother Ronde played in the NFL with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and then retired and began working for Fox sports.


Kiefer and Rachel Sutherland



Kiefer Sutherland is a Canadian actor, singer, producer and director. He has won an Emmy, a Golden Globe, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and two Satellite Awards for his portrayal of Jack Bauer on the series 24. He and Robert Downey, Jr. were roommates for three years when he first moved to Hollywood to pursue his career in acting. His twin sister, Rachel, works behind the camera as a post production supervisor.


Vin Diesel and Paul Vincent



No, we’re not talking about Paul Walker, Vin Diesel’s non-blood brother. We’re talking about the mysterious “Twin Diesel,” the fraternal twin of The Last Witch Hunter star who seems to evade the media and make people wonder if he even exists. When fans started freaking out over a possible sighting of Diesel’s twin, he set the record straight with a Facebook post that featured Paul Walker alongside his actual twin, Paul Vincent.


Jon and Dan Heder



Flippin’ sweet! Jon Heder—AKA Napoleon Dynamite—has an identical twin! Although we wish that Kip Dynamite was Jon’s real older brother (And yes, LaFawnduh too), we’re fascinated by how identical these brothers truly are. While Jon does his thing in front of the camera, his twin Dan works behind the scenes of movies as an animator.


Rami and Sami Malek



Rami Malek, who is best known for playing the lead role of Elliot Alderson in the television series Mr. Robot (or as King Ahkmenrah in Night at the Museum, if you enjoy children’s movies as much as we do), actually has an identical twin. Not only are they good-looking, but they are also mischievous and have admitted to trading places.


Joseph and Jacob Fiennes



The American Horror Story actor, 42, has a fraternal twin brother named Jacob, who actually doesn’t look much like him. The Fiennes family mostly consists of actors and writers who are deeply involved in the arts. Jacob, known as Jake, was the only member of the family who didn’t want to spend his nights at the theater or attending a dinner party. He was the self-proclaimed “country boy” of the family. Joseph has said that his twin brother Jake is “his strength.”


Joel and Benji Madden



Identical twins Joel and Benji Madden founded the band Good Charlotte together, and now write songs as the Madden Brothers. At age 37, it’s still difficult to tell them apart, except for when they’re with their famous ladies: Joel with wife Nicole Richie and Benji with new love Cameron Diaz.


Aaron and Angel Carter



Most people only know their older brother Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, but Aaron and Angel Carter also have careers of their own. Aaron is best known for his hit song, “I Want Candy,” while his sis Angel is a model.


Scarlett and Hunter Johansson



Wait, what?! Scarlett Johansson has a twin? And yep, you guessed it: he’s hot. Hunter Johansson only pursued acting for a little while, starring in Manny & Lo with ScarJo in 1996. He then moved on to pursue politics and even worked on president Obama’s campaign. We’re crossing our fingers he comes back to the big screen. *swoon*


Aaron and Shawn Ashmore



Aaron and Shawn are both actors and have played twins in several movies, but have also pursued roles independently. According to Aaron, Shawn often gets cast as the nice guy while Aaron himself is cast as the bully (ex. Shawn portrayed the superhero Iceman in the X-Men film series, while Aaron was cast as a bounty hunter in Killjoys).


Charlotte and Samantha Ronson



Charlotte (left) is a well-known fashion designer, and her fraternal twin sister, Samantha Ronson (right), is a DJ (known for dating Lindsay Lohan once upon a time). Their older brother is Mark Ronson, music producer and singer/songwriter. Their family was #blessed with talent.


Olly and Ben Murs



Olly Murs, runner-up in the 6th series of The X-Factor and singer of popular hit “Troublemaker,” says he and fraternal twin brother Ben are not on speaking terms and haven’t been for the past six years. Olly couldn’t make it to his brother’s wedding due to X-Factor commitments, and the brothers haven’t spoken since. Yikes.


Elvis and Jesse Presley



Elvis Presley had an identical twin brother named Jesse Garon Presley. Tragically, his twin was delivered stillborn 35 minutes before him. There are numerous cases of twins separated by death, and many surviving siblings believe that the spirits of their deceased twins remain close to them, sometimes as a guardian angel. Jesse served as motivation for Elvis to find success in his career.


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen



Okay, so we all know who MK and Ashley are, but did you know they’re actually fraternal twins? Despite how shockingly identical they look, the sisters have confirmed multiple times that they are fraternal. In other words, they shouldn’t look like clones of each other… Yet somehow, they do.