17 Stars Who Appreciate Fans and Actually Show It

by Alyssa K. Priebe

17 Stars Who Appreciate Fans and Actually Show It

Most celebrities say they appreciate their fans, but don’t necessarily prove it. However, some stars go above and beyond to show how thankful they are to their fans, and we couldn’t be happier about it.



Zac Efron



Zac Efron does a lot of nice things for his fans, but we will never forget the most recent which happened while he was on set for the Baywatch Reboot. An eager fan tried to get a selfie with Efron, but dropped his iPhone, shattering it. Efron not only posed for a pic, but bought the fan a new phone. Talk about nice!


Ariana Grande



Ariana Grande tends to show her fans appreciation through food. From supplying her Arianators with hot chocolate and cookies while they waited for her to perform at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to treating a bunch of devoted fans to lunch in Toronto, apparently she feels the way into her followers’ hearts is through their stomachs—and we aren’t complaining.


Daniel Radcliffe



Daniel Radcliffe promises to always take a selfie when a fan asks, which is pretty nice. But that’s not all. When the first screening for the film What If released, Radcliffe arranged for fans to be interviewed about the film. During the interview he “magically” appeared and surprised each of them. *claps*


Miley Cyrus



There are many reasons why we love Miley, but her appreciation for her fans is definitely at the top of the list. I mean the woman brought a homeless fan as her date to the MTV Video Music Awards—and let him accept the award on her behalf. And who could forget Twitter promposal from a super fan? Sadly, Miley couldn’t go, but instead of declining, she invited him to her performance in Arizona, and brought him on stage, and sang to him backstage. BRB, we’re all promposing to Miley on Twitter now.


Justin Bieber



Say what you want about him, but Justin Bieber may be one of the most appreciative stars out there. From teaming with Ellen to surprise Beliebers, to buying fans phones, he definitely has a kind heart. Plus, he planned a surprise Quinceanera for one lucky girl, and bought her a dress! As his career continues to grow it will be interesting to see how else he will thank fans.


Lady Gaga



Lady Gaga appreciates her fans so much, she’s named them her “Little Monsters”. She is always responsive on social media and brings them up while she performs. Heck, she even feeds them. Back in 2009 Gaga’s fans camped out at Best Buy to get a copy of her new album, Fame Monster, and to show her support she bought $1,000 worth of pizza and had it delivered to them.





Eminem is known for being a charitable celeb, and sometimes his philanthropic acts include giving back to his fans. Like Gage Garmo, a terminally ill cancer patient who Eminem visited last year after the boy’s family started a Twitter campaign to reach the rapper. Eminem also tried to visit quietly, limiting the press, which goes to show it was not for publicity purposes; it was a genuine act of kindness.


Ed Sheeran



He visits them in the hospital, helps them propose, sends personal messages… Honestly the list could go on and on. Yup, Ed Sheeran may be one of the nicest stars in Hollywood. And we are sure his fans would agree.


Demi Lovato



One of the best things about Demi Lovato is how she shows her fans appreciation. From her Disney days to her current career, she always puts them first. Like with her music video for Really Don’t Care, where Demi lets her fans be the stars, and even surprises a few by singing with them.


Chris Hemsworth



When a fan returned his wallet, Chris not only thanked him by inviting him on the Ellen Show, but gave him all the cash in the wallet! Hemsworth also surprised fans (on Ellen again) by showing up at their workplaces. We definitely wouldn’t mind this Hollywood hunk coming to throw a party at our office!





Bey teaches us a lot of life lessons, and one of the most important is to always stay humble. She FaceTimes with her fans, jumps in to sing karaoke with them, features their YouTube videos on her tour, and even brings them on stage during her performances. Her music is about her fans, which definitely proves how much she appreciates them. Bow down celebs, there’s a reason she’s Queen B.


5 Seconds of Summer



When they heard fans were camping out to buy tickets for their concert, the band decided to bring them a little surprise. The group showed up to the Forum in Los Angeles and decided to personally sell the tickets. If that wasn’t enough, they gave a live performance, playing She Looks So Perfect and Amnesia. Talk about giving back!


Selena Gomez



Selena does a lot to give back to her fans, even picking them up at the airport. Through her role as an ambassador for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, she visits countless of hospitals to sing and converse with patients. She’s also granted so many Make a Wish requests the foundation presented her with the Chris Greicius Celebrity Award.


Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson



The fact that he runs his social media himself and interacts with fans makes him one of our favorites. However, when he invited a terminally ill super fan to visit him on the set of Baywatch, he stole our hearts even more. He’s definitely one of the most generous stars in Hollywood.


Gina Rodriguez



Gina Rodriguez wore an amazing gown to the 2015 Golden Globe Awards. And one fan, tweeted how much she loved the dress and wished she could wear to prom. So what did the star do? No, she didn’t tell her where to get it. Nor did she tell her options that were like it. Nope, she sent the EXACT dress for her to wear at prom. Amazing.


Johnny Depp



He’s shown up at hospitals dressed as Jack Sparrow, and he engages with fans on social media. Just recently, he set up a booth as the Mad Hatter in Disney World where fans could interact with him from a studio. He’s in the midst of a lot of controversy, but he still seems to care about his fans.


Taylor Swift



We can’t talk about fan appreciation without mentioning Tay Swift. She may be a pop star, but this celeb remains grounded. She knows her fans are the ones to thank for her success, and thank them she does. She sent them Christmas gifts, invites them to her concerts and even helped pay for one fan’s college loans. Yup, she’s America’s Sweetheart.