17 Times Zoey Deutch Completely Slayed The Instagram Game

by Jennifer Lafferty

17 Times Zoey Deutch Completely Slayed The Instagram Game

Up-and-coming star Zoey Deutch has been making her mark in a wide range of films, and while it’s obvious she shines in Hollywood, her Instagram account is just as perfect.


We’re Totally Jealous Of Zoey And Zac



If we could take an awkward prom photo with basically anyone on earth, it would be Zac Efron, so you could say that Zoey is living our dream. Oh, and in case you couldn’t tell they were besties, she captions the photo with a plug to go see their movie together, Dirty Grandpa: “Zac and I want to tell you to go see @dirtygrandpa tomorrow, and that we, along with two master photobombers, took this awkward prom photo just for you.”


OMG, She Kills It On The Red Carpet



Oh, you don’t casually stroll through the Met with Domenico Dolce? Zoey Deutch sure does, and “Old Hollywood glamour” might as well be her middle name because have you seen that dress?!


This Is Some Serious #RelationshipGoals



The picture speaks for itself in this stunning photograph of Deutch and her boyfriend Avan Jogia. We dare you to find a pair that defines #hairgoals and #couplegoals better than these two!


We Have Some Serious Puppy Envy



Dogs are definitely BFF material—and Zoey Deutch and her pup Maybelle are no different. There’s nothing better than puppy kisses, but it’s obvious that Maybelle had her fair share by the end!


Zoey Is Giving Us FOMO



It’s no secret what her song-of-choice is on this voyage. *Cues Lonely Island’s “I’m on a Boat”*


Wait, No THIS Is Giving Us FOMO



While most might take the opportunity to caption a stunning photo like this with equally emotional words, Deutch’s sense of humor once again comes through in this post when she simply states: “K. Where’d everybody go?”


She Shows How Rollercoaster Pics Are Done



The picture might say “Screamin'” but Deutch and her posse are doing anything but that in this hilarious photo!


When You And Your BFF Are Twins



Duetch and Chloë Moretz in the same room would definitely make for an insanely fun holiday party. Not to mention their killer outfits and matching red lips!


We’re LOLing With You, Girl



Okay, so we’re (sometimes) grown adults, too, but we can’t help but laugh at this and love her goofy sense of humor. Deutch is proving that even successful actresses shouldn’t take themselves too seriously!


We’ll Gladly Tag Along To This Museum



How perfect is this photo? Deutch, James Franco, and The Broad Museum in L.A. made for a picture-perfect moment while promoting the release of “Why Him?” in theaters!


Who Else Could Make Bowling Look This Fun?



With a caption that states: “31 point game on my part. That’s what we like to call impressively bad. #humblebraaaahggg,” we’re going to assume she’s not leaving acting for a professional bowling league anytime soon!


She Shares Major Mom-Daughter Love



They may look like sisters, but this post was actually a heartfelt Mother’s Day shoutout to Deutch’s actress-mom, Lea Thompson. Thompson also happens to be her co-star in the upcoming movie The Year of Spectacular Me which probably meant plenty of mother/daughter bonding!


Um, About This Book Collection



At first glance, this photo looks like Deutch felt the need to reveal to the world her impressive collection of erotic books (you do you, girl!). Until you realize, of course, that her upcoming dramedy Flower is about a sexually curious teen, and she probably has quite the research to do!


We Would Like To Join This Musical, Please



Ugh. How much would we absolutely love to throw on a poodle skirt and some saddle shoes and join Deutch and Ariana Grande in this photo? Might as well bring Hilary Duff in, too, because that would be everything that dreams are made of.


She Shows Crazy Co-Star Love



Nothing like a little team building to make for some great onscreen chemistry! The group (err, stack?) of talented actresses (including the iconic Jennifer Beals) are all starring in the upcoming movie Before I Fall, and we seriously can’t wait.


Clearly She’s More Talented Than Even We Knew



It turns out that acting isn’t the only trick Deutch has up her sleeve. Her paint-covered hands and a well-worn looking drawing book look like the perfect way to unwind after a week of filming. Could she be any more talented?


Sisterly Love Shows All The Silly



We all know that being with our siblings can bring out the child in all of us, and celeb status doesn’t change that. Zoey gives us a glance into her and older sister, singer/actress/songwriter Madelyn Deutch’s silly and fun-loving relationship!