18 Reasons Why Justin Trudeau is America’s Latest Obsession

by Faith Brar

He may be the hottest Prime Minister on Earth, but Justin Trudeau is so much more than just a pretty face. So much so that he’s got Americans literally getting on their knees, begging him to run for President. And we can’t really blame them. Here are 18 reasons why Trudeau, the new youthful face of Canadian politics, has Americans head over heels in love.


He Hangs Out with Prince Harry



Prince Harry started the Invictis Games in 2013—a multi-sport tournament for active and veteran members of the armed forces. When he visited Toronto to start the countdown of the 2017 games earlier this year, Trudeau showed off his appreciation for the prince, but more importantly his undying passion for ice hockey.


He’s a Boxing Pro



Earlier this year, the dreamy Prime Minister visited Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn to teach disadvantaged young boys how to box. How adorable? Also, can we talk about that arm tattoo for a moment? #swoon


He is BFFs with the POTUS



It’s impossible to get enough of this sizzling bromance. Even though our current President’s term is coming to an end, his friendship with Trudeau looks like it is going to last a lifetime. Talk about the perfect power couple.


He Embraces All Cultures



“I’m proud to celebrate the remarkable contributions of Sikh Canadians”, Trudeau captioned this picture. The Prime Minister celebrated the Sikh Harvest Festival at Parliament Hill earlier this year. And this isn’t the first time he has been so inclusive of different Canadian cultures.


He’s Friends with The Weeknd



Like Justin Bieber and Drake, The Weeknd is another Canadian musician Americans can’t get enough of. So it makes perfect sense that he’d be buddy-buddy with Trudeau, another American fav. The duo was seen having the time of their lives at the Canada 2020 Event in Washington.


He Loves Pandas



PM Trudeau paid a visit to the Toronto Zoo earlier this year where he snuggled with two adorable panda cubs. “Canada is already staring down the potential crisis of millions of Americans pouring over its border later this year,” Canada’s Executive Director of Immigration told the New Yorker. “Did we really have to announce that we have pandas, too?”


He’s a Mama’s Boy



The mother and son shared this precious moment when Margaret Trudeau was honored with the Outstanding Alumni award she received from Simon Fraser University. “She will always be an inspiration”, the PM captioned the image. Aw!


He’s a Family Man



Despite his extremely busy schedule, Trudeau has been known to be quite the family man. The handsome prime minister wished Canadians a Happy Thanksgiving when he posted this picture to his Instagram.


He’s Got Serious Upper-Body Strength



If you weren’t aware, Trudeau is insanely fit and has no problem showing it off. He put his muscles on display in this eye-catching picture that he posted to show his support for Montreal Pride.


He Loves Trying New Things



To celebrate the rich agricultural heritage of Ontario, Trudeau made an appearance at the International Plowing Match held in September 2014. Not only did he speak to over 500 vendors, he also gave farming a go. “Testing out my farming skills…so far so good”, the PM captioned his photo. He does look pretty good riding a tractor.


He Adores His Wife



Trudeau’s wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, gives us yet another reason to fall in love with Canada. As sad as it might be that the PM is “taken”, it’s safe to say that he is definitely in good hands. She is known for her humble and kind heart, and for playing a huge role in Trudeau landing his current job. No wonder he’s obsessed.


He Stands with the LGBT Community



The entire world rejoiced when Trudeau became the first Canadian Prime Minister to attend a gay pride parade held in Toronto every year. “It’s a nice way to make history,” Pride Toronto’s executive director Mathieu Chantelois told Buzzfeed.


He’s Got Some Sick Dance Moves



During the election in 2013, Trudeau posted this adorable moment with his wife before he gave his speech at the Liberal showcase. “Here’s Sophie and me getting our groove on to Martina Sorbara, just before the big speech. Let’s get out and #vote”, he tweeted.


He Appointed a 50% Female Cabinet



The moment he was elected into office, Trudeau added 15 females to his cabinet to equal the male to female ratio. When he was asked about the reasoning behind his decision he said, “Because it’s 2015.” Could this man be more perfect?


He Kind of Looks Like Prince Eric



Prince Eric is most definitely an all-time favorite Disney Prince, and to be called his doppelganger is quite the compliment. But seriously, the resemblance is wild!


He Strips for Charity



Of course when Justin Trudeau strips, it’s for charity. He left the world hanging when he did a mock strip tease for the Canadian Liver Foundation to “What a Girl Wants”. You can watch the entire video of Trudeau stripping on YouTube. It’s to die for.


He isn’t Afraid to Show His Soft Side



Trudeau’s son Hadrien (how cute is that name?) turned one last year. His famous father posted this throwback picture captioning it: “Can’t believe Hadrien will be 1 on Saturday. #TBT to what feels like just yesterday.” You’ve got to respect a man who’se not afraid to share his feelings with the world.


He Was Born to be a Leader



When he was nominated Prime Minister, tabloids claimed that Trudeau finally fulfilled President Nixon’s prophecy. “Tonight we’ll dispense with the formalities. I’d like to toast the future prime minister of Canada: to Justin Pierre Trudeau,” Nixon said at a gala buffet in April 1972 when Trudeau was just four months old, and his father was serving as prime minister. Clearly he had just as much of a spark back then as he does now.