19 Times Lady Gaga Triumphed in 2015

by Gryphon Adams

19 Times Lady Gaga Triumphed in 2015

Lady Gaga had a banner year in 2015. The pop star and humanitarian turned 30 with her trademark panache. It’s been a year of awards, personal breakthroughs, and gaining support for causes close to her heart. Her honesty and empathy make her a powerful figure that fans and critics can relate to. This openness, as much as her many triumphs, makes her a standout celebrity when we look back at the highlights of 2015.


One of the Highest-Paid Celebs under 30



Vogue named Gaga in its list of highest-paid young celebrities. Between endorsements and her comeback tour with Tony Bennett, the entertainer brought in a reported $59 million.


Grammy Win



Lady Gaga scored her 6th Grammy award in 2015 with Tony Bennett for their jazz album, Cheek to Cheek. It won in the Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album category. They performed their album’s title duet at the awards show.


Valentine’s Day Engagement to Actor Taylor Kinney



Okay, you’re allowed to be envious—of both, or either, of them. If you’re wondering how Gaga found time for a personal life amid all the awards, performances, causes, interviews, and hours of work that go into being and looking so fabulous, you’re not alone. Style all the way, the couple became engaged on February 14.


Turned 30 with Grace and Power



In March, Lady Gaga reached an age many people dread. She makes 30 look fabulous with her focus on benefiting others and living life fully. No wonder Billboard honored her as Woman of the Year!


Rocked Her Risky Oscars Performance



In a move not just anyone could have pulled off, the singer stunned the crowd at the Oscars with her Sound of Music medley. Even Dame Julie Andrews congratulated her on the performance, telling the singer, “It really warmed my heart.” TIME said she stole the show and got her career back on track.


Scored a Major Part in American Horror Story



In a move that testifies to the power of knowing what you want and going for it, the dynamo performer landed her part in AHS by calling up and asking for it. Consider embodying her moxie; what could you ask for?


Stunned Viewers of American Horror Story: Hotel—Earned Her a Golden Globe



12.2 million people watched Gaga’s first performance as the Countess when AHS kicked off its fifth season, according to Billboard. Unsurprisingly, she continues to entrance viewers in her role as a vampire matriarch. In December 2015, she was nominated for a Golden Globe as Best Actress for the role.


‘Til It Happens to You



Gaga wrote this song with Diane Warren to raise awareness and compassion for those who have experienced sexual assault. According to her official website, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this song will go to organizations that help survivors of sexual assault. ‘Til It Happens to You was included in The Hunting Ground, a documentary about campus rape. She received her 17th Grammy nomination for this song.


Called for an End to Campus Rape



In a Billboard op/ed written with Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, the passionate performer brought more attention to the plight of female college students.


Joined Her Born This Way Foundation with Elton John’s AIDS Foundation



Born This Way aims to empower young people with a focus on wellness and creating a better world. The foundation emphasizes kindness, bravery, and compassion.


Her Sublime Emmy Awards Look



In September, Lady Gaga turned heads at the Emmys in an exquisite red gown.


Comeback Tour with Tony Bennett



A big chunk of the diva’s 2015 income came from this tour, and her renewed focus on musicality brought her praise, respect, and a wider audience.


Endorsement Deals



Gaga’s endorsement deals increased her net worth in 2015. Deals included Versace and MAC. Forbes included her in its top celebrity 100 list as #25 by earnings, at $59 million.


Americans for the Arts Award



October’s highlights included the Americans for the Arts young artist award. The artist, also known as Stefani Germanotta, said “This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” The award recognized her role as a leader in the arts and arts education.


Praised in the New York Times for Her Passionate Life



Following her Americans for the Arts award, an article by David Brooks detailed Lady Gaga’s profound ability to live life to the max.


Personal Courage



Throughout 2015, Lady Gaga continued to speak out against bullying and work for acceptance of gay and transgender people. She spoke out about depression and anxiety, sharing her own struggles in hopes of helping troubled youth.


Celebrated Her History as a ‘Nerdy Girl’



In her Billboard interview, Gaga discussed her background, creating a bond with fans who also identify as nerdy or different from their peers. Those who feel less acceptable or popular than others can find some comfort and inspiration in the dynamic entertainer’s accounts of her early days as a nerd.


Woman of the Year



Named Woman of the Year for 2015 by Billboard, Lady Gaga creates empathy with young people who feel like outsiders. Her achievements increase the sense of possibility for what unusual girls and women can accomplish. She also appeared on the cover of the December “Women in Music” issue.


Landmark Number of Albums Sold



As of 2015, the singer’s albums have sold more than 10 million copies!