20 Absolutely Adorable Moments with Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady’s Family

by Faith Brar

20 Absolutely Adorable Moments with Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady’s Family

Sure, being one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and the highest paid supermodel in the world keeps Brady and Bündchen busy, but the power couple still manages to find time for family. With three adorable kids—Jack, Benjamin and Vivian—and three dogs, the Brady Bunch has plenty of shareable moments under their belt. Here are 20 family snaps way too cute for us to handle.


When the Kids Supported Their Dad Through a Super Bowl Loss



The three-time Super Bowl champ smothered his son Benjamin and daughter Vivian in this pic, posted on Instagram by Gisele a few days after his loss to the Denver Broncos. It’s safe to say that nothing’s gonna bring Tom down.


When Vivian Became Mom’s Workout Buddy



Every girl wants to follow in her mother’s footseps. Am I right?


When Gisele Cheered on the Pats with Benjamin



If you think you’re a diehard Pat’s fan, think again. These two have it covered.


When Tom Switched from Football to Soccer, Just for the Kids



The things parents do for their children. Also, Gisele’s caption: “My heart melts.” Ours did too.


When They Proved Just How #Flawless They Actually Are



Seriously how can they be so picture perfect? I mean, the whole model/professional athelete thing helps, I’m sure.


When This Happened…



The couple had an extremely small wedding back in 2009, but the throwback pictures gave everyone all the feels.


And When This Happened…



Gisele has no problem showing off the love between her and her hubby. She posted this to Instagram on Valentine’s Day.


When Gisele Squeezed Through the Crowd to Kiss Her Hubby After His Super Bowl Win



It really was a storybook ending. So much love and happiness that day.


When They Were Goofy Together



Clearly they were pretty happy when Tom led the Patriots to the Super Bowl last year against the Seattle Seahawks. Also, Gisele’s caption is everything: “So proud of this man!! Congratulations for the AFC Champ!!”


When Their Kids Were Artists



We think the “o” is supposed to be Tom Brady.


When Tom Was Afraid to Use the Mixer



But a good father has to quench his fears and set an example for the kids; who, by the way, are intently observing his every move.


When They Finished Each Other’s Hand Gestures



The couple held up the number 51, signifying the Pats’ score in a brutal win against the Bears, who scored only 23 points. Ouch.


When Ben Gave Tom a Pep Talk



In the midst of the whole Deflategate scandal, both of the Brady boys came onto the field to support their dad.


That Time Tom Missed Gisele’s Forehead



And it’s still a perfect photo. Gisele posted this throwback wedding pic to her Instagram on their anniversary. #relationshipgoals


When They Were Caught Being Super Adorable Together



The Brady Bunch is definitely the epitome of perfection.


That Time they KILLED it on Halloween



Have you ever seen a cuter Cowardly Lion and Dorothy? Gisele captioned this picture, “Having fun with my lion last night!”


When Tom Celebrated His Super Bowl Win with His Sons



The boys were like, “We get it Dad. You’ve won the Super Bowl three times. Big deal”.


When the Brady Dogs Were Also Die-Hard Patriot Fans



Just look at those puppy dog eyes. How could they not get in on the action?


When Tom Made Bucket Hats Strangely Cute



Only he can look this good relaxing on a golf course in questionable attire. At least he wasn’t wearing Uggs.


When They Spoiled Tom on Father’s Day



And here we have Tom’s biggest support system. Awww.