20 Celebrities That Mysteriously Seem to Never Age

by Mackensie Graham

20 Celebrities That Mysteriously Seem to Never Age

Celebrities have the enviable opportunity to grace magazine covers, star in feature films, and belt out chart-topping hits, but, honestly, we’re more jealous of the fountain of youth some stars seem to have found. Of course, celebs have access to some of the best health and beauty resources on the planet. But that doesn’t change the fact that these celebrities look as fresh-faced as they did yesteryear; when you find out their real ages you’ll be nothing short of shocked.


Jennifer Aniston, 46



Maybe it’s all the Smart Water and Living Proof products Aniston advertises, but the star hasn’t aged a day since her stint on “Friends” 20 years ago. What’s kept her looking youthful all this time? She credits her Greek genes and au naturel approach to aging.


Gwen Stefani, 46



Her platinum blonde hair and cherry red lips are undeniably Stefani. As the front woman of No Doubt she defined a genre and look that she continued into her successful solo career in 2004. Today, as a judge on The Voice and with a third solo album in the works, she’s helping shape the next big star while still shining herself.


Will Smith, 47



The Fresh Prince of Bel Air took to the TV screen in 1990 with his cool cut and slight ‘stache, and he’s still rocking a very similar—albeit more sophisticated—look on the red carpet for the 2015 film Focus.


Rob Lowe, 51



Lowe played an energetic health nut on Parks and Recreation and, from where we’re sitting, it looks like he’s serious about keeping fit and healthy. He doesn’t look a hair out-of-place from roles he had back in 2000.


Lucy Liu, 46



Liu has been defying aging for 15 years—since her part in the Charlie’s Angels trio—with a low-maintenance beauty routine in addition to regular acupuncture sessions.


Halle Berry, 49



With a long and continuing career of fierce female roles, Halle Berry is the face of everlasting beauty. It’s hard to believe that her role as Storm in 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past came 14 years after she first appeared in X-Men. She credits her youthful appearance to her short hair, regular facialist appointments, and a sugar-free diet.


Usher, 37



We couldn’t turn off Confessions in 2004, and it seems Usher cannot turn off his suave look either (we’re not complaining). The R&B/pop artist has a penchant for great suits and an irresistible smile.


Owen Wilson, 46



With his famously crooked nose and sandy blonde hair, Owen Wilson has maintained the same look for nearly a decade and a half. He cowrote and starred in Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums back in 2001, but he looks exactly the same in his most recent film, No Escape, 14 years later.


Sofía Vergara, 43



In 2014, Forbes ranked Vergara as the 32nd most powerful woman in the world! Her long list of acting credentials and award nominations were obviously the cause, but we’re willing to bet her lasting looks may have had something to do with it as well. In 2005 she played Sofi in Four Brothers, but you would think it was the same year as her 2014 role in Chef.


Jared Leto, 43



With those brilliant baby blues and long locks, Jared Leto has left aging to other musicians and actors. Leto founded the band Thirty Seconds to Mars in 1998 but doesn’t look a day older as Nemo in 2009’s Mr. Nobody over a decade later.


Leonardo DiCaprio, 41



From teen heartthrob to man of the hour, DiCaprio has won our adoration time and time again. Since climbing the railing of the Titanic in 1997 to throwing a roaring Gatsby party in 2013, DiCaprio has maintained the wispy hair and piercing eyes that are the marks of a leading—and youthful—hero.


Shakira, 38



It’s true that her hips don’t lie, but Colombian singer Shakira would have you fooled. Shakira won a Grammy for Best Latin Pop Album in 2000 but can still shake it and sing it better than the rest today, even after giving birth to two children.


Oprah Winfrey, 61



Winfrey has been running the world for nearly three decades. She first hosted The Oprah Winfrey Show back in 1986 (it ended in 2011), and today Winfrey is as gorgeous as ever. We’ll be bold and say the chairwoman and CEO of both Harpo Productions and the Oprah Winfrey Network looks even better than she did 20 years ago!


Drew Barrymore, 40



Barrymore has been in show business since she was a child actress in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, but the demands of the industry are not visible in her welcoming visage. Today, she’s as youthful as ever despite a myriad of professional roles on and behind the big screen.


Rihanna, 27



Singer-songwriter Rihanna was a just a teen when Good Girl Gone Bad blew up in 2003. Now, a decade later, the trendsetter has a long list of awards to her name, but even with a nonstop career, she sports a look is as youthful as ever.


Julianne Moore, 54



Julianne Moore is undeniably striking with her cardinal hair and ivory skin. She maintains a simple beauty routine to keep her skin radiant and is an avid user of daily sunscreen. Moore has avoided plastic surgery and believes in aging gracefully without going under the knife.


Denzel Washington, 60



Washington is a young 60 with the air of a much younger leading man. His hair may have a few specks of gray, but his body refuses to give his age away.


Diane Keaton, 69



Diane Keaton’s name calls to mind her Annie Hall casual style and joie de vivre. This zesty attitude gives her beauty an eternal quality. Compare the actress’s current look to 12 years ago in Something’s Gotta Give, and few physical characteristics have changed.


Vanessa Williams, 52



Take one glance at the talented Vanessa Williams, and you’ll see immediately how she was once crowned Miss New York and 1984’s Miss America. After decades shining on film and TV, as well as theater and modeling stages, Williams still commands the spotlight.


Ewan McGregor, 44



Since signing on as Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars prequel trilogy in 1999, the Scottish actor has maintained his charming good looks.