20 of the Craziest Celebrity Junk Food Favorites

by Jasmine Gordon

20 of the Craziest Celebrity Junk Food Favorites

How about a relish and mayo sandwich, like Kourtney Kardashian once craved? Join us as we count down 20 of the weirdest celebrity junk food favorites, which range from the pretty normal to the very, very odd!


Have you ever craved a peanut butter and pickle sandwich and eaten it in secret? You’re not alone! Studies estimate that 100% of women have experienced food cravings in the past year. Despite their usually-healthy diets, even the most glamorous stars dive into some celebrity junk food from time-to-time. Everything in moderation, right?


While sometimes we crave a fresh green salad, there areother times we find ourselves driving straight to the convenience store for some weird combinations. Join us as we review twenty favorites, which range from the fairly normal to the completely odd.


1. Britney Spears
Pop princess Britney Spears has made exactly no secrets of her love for the less healthy things in life. She’s unabashedly mentioned cheetos, fried chicken and Starbucks in interviews. In fact, Ryan Seacrest recently Tweeted that Britney’s in-studio fuel ranged from protein-packed edamame beans to sugary skittles. Hopefully not together.


2. Selena Gomez
If you can’t decide between sweet and sour, take a page from Selena Gomez’s book. The star reportedly loves to eat pickles and chocolate peanut butter cups—at the same time!


3. Josh Hutcherson
There’s nothing wrong with a little fast food, but Josh Hutcherson doesn’t stop at a little. In fact, he and Liam Hemsworth famously split about 90 White Castle burgers once upon a time!


4. Beyonce
Beyonce loves ketchup so much that she’s even been known to dip bananas in it! Hopefully that’s one Bey-inspired trend that doesn’t start a craze.


5. Halle Berry
Berry doesn’t prefer sweets, opting for salty things. In fact, she’s craved salt so much before that she’s drank straight pepperoncini juice!


6. Katy Perry
Katy Perry may be pretty health-conscious, but she has some naughty comfort foods. She admitted she’s only a fan of”boot-shaped” chicken nuggets.


7. Cher Lloyd
There’s nothing particularly weird about Funyuns, but Cher Lloyd reportedly eats them every morning.


8. Nicole Scherzinger
Dancer, singer and former X-Factor Judge Nicole Scherzinger prefers to indulge in traditional Hawaiian foods, including dried tuna dipped in soy sauce.


9. Holly Willoughby
Holly Willoughby loves Kraft American cheese slices. Not grilled or with crackers — just straight!


10. Rihanna
RiRi may be almost as big of a junk food lover as Chrissy Teigen! While she dines out on hearty Italian fare when she’s in LA, Rihanna reportedly can’t tour without her favorite snack, Flaming Hot Cheetos!


11. Angelina Jolie
When Jolie was pregnant with her twins, she had to indulge in onion rings coated in mustard, followed by chocolate.


12. Ariana Grande
While the famous pop Princess lost a lot of weight by switching to a vegan diet, she isn’t afraid to let loose a little. Grande will still indulge in vegan junk food on occasion.


13. Oprah
While this media mogul is now the face of Weight Watchers, she will still sensibly indulge in healthier versions of her favorite treats. Oprah loves healthy brownies, macaroni & cheese, and caramel corn.


14. Kendall Jenner
While it’s been reported that Kendall Jenner tries to eat a healthy diet of proteins, veggies, and fruits, she admits that she loves Twix bars!


15. Ginnifer Goodwin
There’s actually nothing unhealthy about Ginnifer Goodwin’s pregnancy cravings, which include banana peppers and jalapenos. Spicy!


16. Blake Lively
Like many other pregnant women, Blake Lively craved “organic hand-churned pumpkin ice cream” and artisan pickles. Together.


17. Jessica Simpson
Star and fashion designer Simpson went for cantaloupe during her pregnancy, which doesn’t sound too bad. Except she covered it in salt!


18. Mila Kunis
Kunis’ cravings are apparently so odd she’s got an entire fridge dedicated to her favorite combinations, like anchovies and ice cream.


19. Kourtney Kardashian
The eldest Kardashian sister has confessed quite a few of her cravings on Twitter, including one of the strangest combinations we’ve ever heard of—a relish and mayo sandwich!


20. Tori Spelling
While Spelling usually loves sushi, her last pregnancy lead her to crave avocados and ice cream!


Which of these celebrity junk foods would you dare try? Spill your thoughts in the comments.