20 Things You Should Know About the New Kirsten Dunst

by Jennifer Lafferty

20 Things You Should Know About the New Kirsten Dunst

Yes, we said new. Kirsten Dunst has been in show business most of her life, but in the last year she’s gotten better than ever. Here are 20 things you need to know.


Successfully Transitioned to TV



For most of her life Kirsten’s career has been based in feature films, but last year she began an interesting new chapter when she successfully transitioned to TV, with her Emmy nominated performance in Fargo.


Believes the Most Interesting Work is on TV



Kirsten Dunst believes the most interesting work is currently on television. Pointing out decreased theater attendance, she says: “So the movie industry is in a weird place, for sure, and the creative people are blossoming on television.”


Global Spokesperson for L’Oreal Professional



She’s had some amazing opportunities the last few years, including her gig as the first ever global L’Oreal Professional spokesperson in 2014, and being selected to front the company’s new product launches like Wild Stylers from Tecni.Art.



Has Had a Great Rebound After Battling Depression



Kirsten has been open about her experience with depression, blaming stress from different areas. In 2008 the actress checked herself into the Cirque Lodge rehab facility, for help dealing with mental issues. She has seemingly put the struggle behind her and come back better than ever.


Looking Forward to Starting a Family



In 2015 Kirsten revealed her desire for marriage and children, telling The Observer : “That’s what I want,” adding “And I’m 33 – I’m not going to mess around, you know what I mean? So, yes. That’s the goal.”


Has Become Pickier About Collaborations



Kirsten Dunst has become wiser over the years and acknowledges her own belief that she has become good at choosing the people she collaborates with, expressing a desire to work with much in-demand filmmaker Quentin Tarantino.


Has Musical Aspirations



Kirsten made her singing debut with Dream of Me for the film Get Over It, but didn’t get serious until she sang in Spider-Man 3. She’s recorded several songs, including two tracks for Jason Schwartzman’s album Nighttiming.


Broke up with Garrett Hedlund



Kirsten broke up with her boyfriend of four years, actor Garrett Hedlund, in 2016. The couple, who met while filming 2012’s On the Road, reportedly had a personalty clash and “weren’t on the same page when it came to their future.”


She’s Demanding Respect



Learning to demand respect, Kirsten recently explained to a first assistant director how she resented the dismissive nickname Girly-girl from their days working together in Spider-Man. They subsequently got along very well, while working on a new project.


Caught Kissing ‘Fargo’ Co-star Jesse Plemons



In June, seemingly ready to resume her love life, she was seen kissing her Fargo costar Jesse Plemons, who previously said : “I loved Kirsten’s work for a long time, and I was really excited once I’d met her…”


Wants to Produce



She likes the idea of working behind the scenes, and produced the 2010 short, Bastard, starring Lukas Haas and Juno Timple. She has also worked on her own production company, Wooden Spoon Productions, alongside her mother.


She’s Debuting as a Director with ‘The Bell Jar’



In addition to producing, Kirsten is also about to make her feature film writing and directorial debut with an adaptation of Sylvia Plath’s classic novel The Bell Jar, starring Dakota Fanning, due out next year.


Her Style Evolution



Kirsten always had her own unique red carpet style but lately she’s gone from cute and whimsical to sexy and stunning, with sophisticated gowns like the revealing black Valentino she wore to this year’s Golden Globes.


Closely Involved in Charities



Not only has Kirsten devoted time to charities throughout the years, working to raise funds for cancer research and treatment, she personally helped design a necklace, sold to raise money for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.


She’s Civic-Minded



She takes an interest in politics and encouraging voter turnout, even directing and narrating a documentary called Why Tuesday, about the tradition of casting ballots on Tuesdays.


Gained Weight to play Peggy Blumquist



Actresses are usually pressured to stay slim, but Kirsten had to gain weight for Fargo and seemed to enjoy the experience, lightheartedly telling Jimmy Kimmel: “I just sat in my bed, watched Friday Night Lights and ate. That’s what I did.”


Disillusioned with Hollywood



She’s become somewhat disillusioned with Hollywood, focusing on indies and television. Kirsten explained: “There are just too many movies being made, I think. So many of them get lost. Too many cooks in the kitchen.”


Has Three Exciting Movies in the Works



Kirsten Dunst has three exciting projects in the works including historical drama Hidden Figures, out December 25, and two films next year: Woodshock, co-starring Lorelei Linklater, along with Sofia Coppola’s remake of Civil War drama The Beguiled, starring Colin Farrell.