20 Times Ryan Reynolds Said Exactly What All Parents Think

by Devan McGuinness

20 Times Ryan Reynolds Said Exactly What All Parents Think

Since Ryan Reynolds joined the dad club, it became clear very quickly that he rule the one-liners about the hilarious struggles that all parents can relate to.


Not All Historial-Looking TV Shows Are



Everyone is obsessed with the show, but it’s not the best thing for kids. At least he apologized…


When He Tackled Breastfeeding In Public



Breastfeeding in public is such a controversial topic, but Ryan Reynolds isn’t afraid to share how he feels about it…


His Daughter is Fancy



He obviously loves his daughter, but she’s not even safe when it comes to him calling her out.


Teaching Her Right



Be honest, we’ve all wondered what the song was about—this makes just as much sense as anything.


Giggles and Bats?



Because he knows that kids are the exact mix of adorably cute and well, evil…


Babies and Planes



It is a special kind of awful when you’re on a plane, your kid is screaming and everyone is staring at you.


Ah, the Good Years



Everyone tells you that when your kids are young, it’s the best years of your life, but Ryan really knows what’s up.


Not All Coloring Books Are Alike



He probably should have thought this one through first. Traumatizing enough for adults, even worse for little kids.


Hardest Part of Parenting?



He’s totally right that when you’re a parent, it’s hard to find time for yourself. We’re still a little confused on the last part.


That Secret Family



It’s true that when you become a parent, you have a lot more responsibility than before. But, in true Ryan Reynold’s form, he can’t give us wisdom without a bit of a shock.


The One That Kills Them All



All parents know that nothing can clear a room as fast as a disgusting diaper. Teardrop tattoos are deserved.


Don’t Laugh



It’s a universal parenting truth that all kids love to play with their parent’s car keys. It’s also universal that we try really hard not to laugh when they accidentally get hit in the head, and it’s not always possible to hold back.


Proud For Placing Last



Babies may seem like they’re innocent and we need to take care of them all the time, but Ryan knows they’re not as delicate as they seem… Although old-timey, bare-knuckle streetfighting classes probably aren’t a great idea.


The Screaming Car Ride



He knows, and so do all parents, that the screaming while stuck in the car scene is horrible… awful… the worst!


Daddy Time Out



When you’re a parent, it’s really important to take care of yourself and that means taking some time to do what makes you happy. But, it’s also important to find the right balance, right Ryan?


How Far You’d Go…



It’s clear he loves his daughter because he would do anything for her… well, within reason!


Think Of The Children!



Everyone says it’s the happiest place on Earth, but Ryan makes a good point that it’s actually probably the worst.


You Can Still Have Fun



Becoming a parent doesn’t mean you have to give up on all the things you love in life. You can still party hard, maybe even moreso, when you’re a dad!


Whisper Sweet Nothings



Babies love when their parents spend time with them, and even if they’re not old enough to talk yet, it’s still good to hold conversations and engage them. As long as you get all of the passive-aggressive commentary out of the way before they understand language, you should be good.


Kids Are SO Gross



Having a child means having to put up with a lot of really gross stuff, but Ryan is determined to get the last laugh.