20 Times We Wanted to Ask Rihanna “WTF?”

by Morgan DeBoest

20 Times We Wanted to Ask Rihanna “WTF?”

We’ve loved Rihanna since her Pon de Replay days (and yeah, that was 10 years ago), but sometimes she goes a little over the line. From her crazy award show looks to her political views to her playful social media attitude, we just can’t get enough of Rihanna’s “keep ’em guessing” lifestyle.


Her 2015 Met Gala Dress



RiRi’s iconic Big Bird-lookalike dress sparked many a meme.


Her “BBHMM” Music Video



No explanation needed. The BBHMM video is supe- violent, graphic, and totally BadGalRiRi.


Her Completely See-Through Fishnet Shirt



Obviously, 2015 was the year of the nipple, and we’re all for embracing womanhood. But this MAYBE seems like a bit much.


When She Called Rachel Dolezal a Hero



Rachel Dolezal—the white woman who posed as a black woman and headed the Spokane, WA, NAACP chapter—was the subject of much talk in 2015. It was pretty surprising when Rihanna, a woman of color, declared Dolezal to be “a bit of a hero.” But her reasoning was sound—she applauded the way it sparked a nationwide conversation about what it means to be black.


Her Confusing ANTIdiaRY Project Teasing



Rihanna’s latest album, ANTI, has been hyped for months. It was supposed to drop on Black Friday 2015 and was teased with some pretty weird video images.


Her Tweets in the Wake of Maya Angelou’s Death



In the days following Maya Angelou’s passing, Rihanna kept up on her Twitter game—even after changing her avatar to a picture of Angelou herself. Needless to say, her non-Angelou–oriented Tweets looked pretty strange paired with that image.


When Leo DiCaprio Sent Her a Weird Balloon



Leo and RiRi dominate the party scene and seem to have a blast whenever they’re in the same club. Before going out one night, Leo sent Rihanna a small assortment of gifts, including roses and a balloon with Thomas the Tank Engine on it. Wtf?


When She Opened Her Own Beauty & Styling Agency



At the end of 2015 Rihanna announced her new beauty agency, Fr8me. It will represent makeup artists, hair stylists, manicurists, and stylists looking to book commercials, editorial shoots, ad campaigns, and red carpet appearances.


When She Brought a Puppy Home from the Club



Sure, we’ve had some pretty crazy nights out, but they all pale in comparison to bringing home an actual live canine from the club.


When She Pranked Jimmy Kimmel



Rihanna surprised Kimmel on April Fool’s Day by jumping on his bed (yes, while he was sleeping), showering him with dollar bills, and serenading him with “BBHMM.” We would LOVE to lose sleep for that kind of wake-up call.


When She Hopped on the Gray-Hair Train



While Kylie Jenner and Zosia Mamet already got the ball rolling on gray hair for young people, Rihanna took it a step further by going mod-ombre.


When She Accidentally Leaked Kanye’s Tour News



Rihanna probably just wanted to check “Tweet something for charity” off of her to-do list—but by doing that, she accidentally leaked details about Kanye’s North American 2015 tour.


When She Starred in a Pixar Film With J. Lo



Rihanna is a surprisingly great voiceover actress—she voices Tip, a little girl trying to find her mom after an alien takeover. Her mom is voiced by J. Lo. This isn’t RiRi’s first time acting, though—she appeared in This is the End (2013) and the 2014 remake of Annie.


When She Stood Out from the Entire 2015 Grammys Audience



Rihanna appeared at the 2015 Grammys in a gorgeous, floaty pink Giambattista Valli number. In a sea of darker colors and black suits, she could be unmistakably spotted in the front row.


When She Gave T. Swift a Run for Her Money in Instagram Fan Replies



Taylor Swift is known for giving shout outs to her fans on social media and even replying to their posts tagging her. But for a time, Rihanna was doing the same—in much more hilarious fashion.


When She Wore THAT Naked Dress to the 2014 CFDA Awards



We can’t write about Rihanna and NOT mention the nearly-naked look that sparked a thousand other “naked dresses.” But hey—if we looked that good naked, we’d probably wear that dress to the grocery store.


When Cult Artist Damien Hirst Photographed Her for GQ



For GQ‘s 25th anniversary cover shoot, Damien Hirst shot a naked Rihanna against a stark white background, complete with a ginormous snake.


When She Got Grills



The “BBHMM” singer became the first solo artist ever to cross the mind-boggling threshold of 100 million combined gold and platinum song certifications. That means she beat Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, AND Kanye West.


When She Photobombed the Full House Dads



John Stamos, Bob Saget, and Dave Coulier, stars of the hit 1990s sitcom Full House, were appearing on Good Morning America at the same time as Rihanna. She used the opportunity to take part in this epic bunny-ear photobomb.


When She Said She Would Never Be Part of Taylor’s Squad



Though Rihanna’s main reason for not wanting to be a part of TSwift’s ever-powerful girl squad was that their brands and audiences just weren’t the same, she also told E! News “In my mind, she’s a role model; I’m not.” We still love you, RiRi!’