Strange Britney Spears Facts That Didn’t Surprise Us as Much as They Should Have

by Jennifer Lafferty

Strange Britney Spears Facts That Didn’t Surprise Us as Much as They Should Have

We all know how wild and wacky Britney Spears can be, especially during her extended meltdown following the split from Kevin Federline. While she made headlines for shaving her head and attacking the paparazzi, there are plenty of other stunts that have gone largely unnoticed. From dangerous to absurd, check out the wackiest things about Britney Spears you might not already know.


She Has Her Own Nightclub



We’ve heard of celebs who own nightclubs but Britney Spears actually has a nightclub inside her home, ensuring she’s never far from the action. Besides convenience, it’s probably a good way to shut out the paparazzi.


She Put Justin Timberlake’s Face on the Toilet



There was a time when Britney and Justin were the hottest pop star couple, and they showed their affection in some strange ways, like spending $21,000 on custom made toilet seats featuring pictures of each other’s faces.


She Nearly Burned Down the House More Than Once



Britney’s habit of leaving lit candles in her homes has repeatedly led to near disaster, once almost burning down her Manhattan apartment. Another time, she set fire to her family’s bathroom by neglecting to put out a candle.


Oops, I Didn’t Know the Mic Was On



A 2001 concert audience was treated to a cursing rampage that Britney, unaware her microphone was on, directed toward the crew. Apparently upset that her intro was not played, she said: “Don’t tell me they’re just letting the audience just f-cking stand out there like that. This is ret-rded” and “Oh sh-t.”


Public Cursing, Again



 It must have been quite a day for the mall employees who were cursed out by Britney when they had trouble processing her black American Express card. She ranted “F-ck these b-tches … F-ck you, f-ck people, f-ck, f-ck, f-ck!”


Sexy Catholic School Girl Video Was Her Idea



After turning down a superhero concept, Britney, who was surprisingly precocious at 16, hatched the idea for the provocative Baby One More Time video, when she memorably played an oversexed Catholic school girl.


She Equates Chocolate to Orgasms



When gifted with a large white chocolate heart, on a visit to the Imhoff-Stollwerck chocolate museum in Cologne, Germany she expressed true appreciation by saying: “Chocolate for me is just like an orgasm.



The Britney Spears’ Psychic Network



While discussing her new bed in an interview, Britney hinted that she employed numerous psychics, explaining: “One of my psychics said that in another lifetime it used to be my bed. And they said that it belonged to a princess!”


She’s a Hot Mama



In a poll conducted just last year, she was voted the 3rd Hottest Celebrity Mom, which was pretty good considering her competition included Halle Berry, who came in 2nd, and the winner, Angelina Jolie.


She Was Almost Cast as Daisy Duke



She was up for the role of Daisy Duke in the 2005 movie The Dukes of Hazzard. The honor went to Jessica Simpson, who was also one of Britney’s recording artist rivals.


She Was Dropped By PETA



Britney’s 2001 performance at the MTV Video Awards, which involved an albino python and caged tiger, was popular with fans but not with PETA, who reacted by dropping her as a potential spokesperson.


She Loves Riding Four-Wheelers



Britney can be adventurous on and off stage. One of her favorite outdoor activities is riding four-wheelers with her two sons.


She’s a Fitness Freak



Known for going to extremes, she’s no different when it comes to exercise. The secret of her killer abs is hard work. She reportedly does between 500 and 1000 crunches throughout the day.


She Had a Stripper on Her Twentieth Birthday



As a pop star she’s done her share of dancing in skimpy costumes, but the roles were reversed on her twentieth birthday when she was entertained by a stripper.


She Was Sued For Sexual Harassment



In 2010 her former bodyguard, Fernando Flores, accused Britney of sexual harassment, bringing a lawsuit against her. The case was eventually settled out of court in 2012 for an undisclosed amount.


“Cry Me A River” Was About Her



A persistent rumor that Britney cheated on Justin, leading to their breakup, gained credence when Justin’s video Cry Me a River featured a girl who bore a striking resemblance to Britney.


She Uses Wacky Aliases



Many stars travel under assumed names but some of Britney’s aliases are so outrageous they’re sure to arouse suspicion, especially: Alotta Warmheart, Queen of the Fairy Dance, and Mrs. Abra Cadabra.


She Used to Perform in Malls



Just months before her career really took off with the release of Baby One More Time, Britney was on tour but not in concert halls or arenas. She performed in 26 malls across the US.


She Wrecked Her Mom’s Car



In 2011 Britney told US Weekly “I wrecked my mom’s Lexus in high school.” There may have been a time when that would’ve surprised fans, but now it just seems like the tip of the iceberg.


She Was Stood Up By Prince William



Even Britney gets stood up, like the time Prince William was a no-show. She explained: “We exchanged emails for a little bit and he was supposed to come and see me somewhere but it didn’t work out.”