2013 Golden Globe Awards Fashion: Stars Who Need to Fire Their Stylists Right Now

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2013 Golden Globe Awards Fashion: Stars Who Need to Fire Their Stylists Right Now

Sunday night was the 70th Golden Globe Awards. And with it came plenty of tears of joy, awkward moments (does anyone else think it was totally inappropriate for Jennifer Garner to thank those Ben forgot about?) and fashion (white and red seemed to reign as this year’s favorite color). As always, there were some winners…and some losers. Here are eight of the evening’s most disastrous looks.


Alyssa Milano



Award show's past is rife with women who've taken their chances with yellow (Michelle Williams, Maria Meneunos, Kelly Preston, Reese Witherspoon). Of course, it could easily be argued that Renee Zellweger was the first one to rock this sunny trend (remember her at the Academy Awards in 2001, the year she was nominated for Best Actress for Bridget Jones's Diary?) Many have seamlessly pulled it off, but not Milano. The shade and fit of this dress is unflattering and the turquoise earrings and middle parted hair just exaggerate the overall terribleness.


Thandie Newton



If she was on her way to Vegas, maybe. But she’s wasn’t. The style might have worked out if the dress was about 20 inches longer or she wasn’t wearing those cheap-looking Barbie pink shoes.


Marion Cotillard



Just because it’s a Dior Couture dress does not mean it’s right for the red carpet. Cotillard, who is the face of Dior, made a serious mistake with this asymmetrical, tangerine design. Why? She looks like she’s going out to dinner after a long day at the beach.


Halle Berry



There are many people out there who say Halle Berry can do no wrong. But this look proves once and for all that she indeed can. Sure her hair looks fabulous (Halle is the one star in Hollywood who’s allowed to never really change her hairstyle because it works so very well), but the dress is simply too much. The super-high side slit and obnoxious print are annoying, but what’s really wrong is the top. This bodice smooshes one boob flat and makes the other one pop out. End result—one giant boob and one naked leg. Ick.


Rachel Weisz



Just because something is trendy doesn’t not mean you should be wearing it. Case in point: the sheer trend. Had this dress been just sheer on top and opaque the rest of the way down, she would have easily been one of the night’s best dressed. Weisz’s red lips and nails, retro hairstyle and simple jewels scream classy. Unfortunately, the see-through skirt screams trashy.


Eva Longoria



Ah, the legs. Angelina Jolie pioneered this raucous look with that black velvet number she wore to last year’s Academy Awards. And while Jolie did look hot, she also looked kind of ridiculous. There wasn’t a fashion commentator on Earth who couldn’t crack a joke about her exposed right leg. But the thing that makes this style ridiculous isn’t actually the flesh-baring cut itself but the forceful pose one must take in order to showcase the cut. There’s no way around it. And, quite honestly, all the women– and there were plenty Sunday night–who sported this type of dress, looked silly. Including Longoria.