2013 MuchMusic Video Awards: Best & Worst Celebrity Fashion

by Hilary Braaksma

2013 MuchMusic Video Awards: Best & Worst Celebrity Fashion

Well, the 2013 MMVA’s are over, and while there isn’t much to say on the nominations or selections, there is quite a bit to say about what was worn by the celebs in attendance. In case you missed the Canadian music video awards presentation, we’ve rounded up the top five best outfits you missed, and the five worst looks you’ll wish you could un-see.


Best: Brittany Snow



The lovely Pitch Perfect star looked polka-dot perfect in this sheer layered dress. The dress style is trendy, but the print and color make it a classic that Snow will be able to look back on without cringing. Her hair is perfectly tousled, her skin is glowing, her red lipstick is timeless. Excellent choice, Brit.


Worst: Nicole Arbour



I can see why the stunning 27-year-old dancer/choreographer/singer/funny-girl has been dubbed “The Sexiest Comedian On Earth”—this outfit is hilarious, probably her best joke yet. And if it’s not a joke? I’m sorry, but I seriously question the comedic validity of anybody who can dress up like a bag of cotton candy and take themselves seriously. Not to mention the fact that she was literally millimeters away from exposing her breast in front of hundreds of cameras. Classy career move.


Best: Shay Mitchell



Shay Mitchell, the actress made famous by her role in Pretty Little Liars, managed to rock two major trends in this gorgeous two-piece ensamble: crop tops and mirrored prints, both of which are difficult to pull off separately, let alone together. Shay kept the look sophisticated by only showing a small strip of skin and wearing a color that made her skin tone glow. This look is definitely a winner!


Worst: Marianas Trench



Obviously, this was supposed to be some kind of joke. Obviously, it’s not funny. And I hate to have to point out the third obvious thing, but somebody must: If there is ever an appropriate time to see the outline of male genitalia through a lamé skirt, it definitely isn’t the MMVA’s. They may have walked away with two awards (Favorite Video and Pop Video of the Year), but their dignity is forever lost.


Best: Lucy Hale



Lucy Hale looks so adorable and squeaky-clean that I feel kind of bad putting her so close to the members of Marianas Trench in this slideshow. Hopefully this fashion win will be enough to wipe the previous slide from our minds. The Pretty Little Liars star looked asbolutely stunning in this simple, white dress—and Hale is living proof that sometimes a bright shoe and lip combo is all the accessorizing you need.


Worst: Mia Martina



Watch out Mel Gibson, Mia Martina is apparently trying to steal your spot in a remake of the 1979 film Mad Max. This beautiful songstress may have reached the top of the Canadian music charts, but her strappy leather look is going nowhere, fast.


Best: Kunal Nayyer



If you’re a fan of The Big Bang Theory, you probably wouldn’t award Kunal Nayyer’s nerdy character any points for style. Somehow, the actor managed to do the unthinkable off-screen: He wore a velvet jacket, and totally made it work. The unconventional fabric was made do-able by pairing it with some all-black classics. The velvet bow-tie may be a bit much, but honestly I’m just blown away by how good Nayyer looks when he isn’t wearing a mustard-yellow sweater vest.


Worst: Shawn Desman



This is an all-black outfit that should have never been considered, let alone decided upon. Is somebody being paid to style singer Shawn Desman? I really hope not. I also hope nobody was paid to tailor this, because everything is way too tight. And all of that leather—he knew these awards were scheduled for June, right? I can’t find anything I like about this look: From the tip of his mohawk to the ridiculous wings on his shoes.


Best: Taylor Swift



Singer Taylor Swift caused quite the commotion by making her debut at the MuchMusic Video Awards this year—and damn, did she look good doing it! Swift walked away with the award for Favorite International Artist, but she really deserves an award for best dressed: This bandage dress and caged-heel combo is killer.


Worst: Kardinal Offishall



Rapper Kardinal Offishall’s MMVA’s outfit choice is ‘offishall-y’ terrible. Where do I even begin? I don’t know if I’m more annoyed that he apparently buys his clothes at a medical supply store, or the fact that he agreed to leave the barber shop with only half of a haircut.